Global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Workplace Rankings™

Diversity.Social identifies and ranks the top companies that support and lead in the area of diversity and inclusion every year. Diversity & inclusion in the workplace is key to ensuring that companies remain competitive and meet the changing needs of their staff, customers, and stakeholders.
Diversity and Inclusion Rankings

What is a High-Impact Diversity and Inclusion Company?

Invest in Diversity and Inclusion

A clear Diversity and Inclusion Organization Strategy to build diverse and inclusive workplace.

Equitable opportunities and environment

Learn why this is the best industry to day trade in and the secrets to picking the right ones.

Accessible Diversity & Inclusion Education  

We use special software to speperate the good from the bad ones and to make instant trades.

Well Documented processes and Policies

Clear policies and processes to guide leadership and management to enable an inclusive environment
Diversity Ranking Metholodogy

Our Ranking Methodology

A company's overall ranking is calculated by combining all factors from planning, processes, satisfactions, and educations in many areas. 
The ranking will assess all diversity dimensions including race demographic, gender equality, disability inclusivity, religion-related support, cultural diversity, age, sexual orientations.

Who can participate in the rankings?

Public and Private Companies

We accept nominations from public and private organization that operates in English

Governments, NGOs, Municipals

Got questons? No problem, I'm here to hep every step of the way. You got this!

Universities, Colleges, Educational 

Education insitutions are the breeding grounds of future inclusive leaders, we 

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Workplace Rankings™ 2020

Top Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Companies

Diversity Inclusion Capgemini DEI
disney DEI certification
RBC diversity inclusion
Marriott DEI Certification
Deloitte DEI Certification
Novartis certification
University of London DEI
Oshawa DEI Certification
DEI Apple Certification
Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australia DEI Certification
West Yorkshire Police DEI certification
Cisco DEI Certification
KPMG DEI Certification
University of Manitoba DEI Certification
Pepsi Pepsico DEI Certification

Interested to Join our next ranking?

We do our best to help as many organizations as possible to make them diverse and inclusive. The ranking is only a mean to encourage and appreciate organizations' efforts to build inclusive workplace. If you are interested in making your workplace more inclusive, contact us and we can discuss and provide supports. 
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