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Australian Taxation Office, Australia

About the Diversity & Inclusion Company:
Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is represented by all ATO employees who behave in an ethical and respectful manner and promote an inclusive work environment. This inclusive and respectful ethos extends to our dealings with the Australian community. We will conduct informal site-based events on nominated celebration/commemoration days to promote understanding, acceptance, and as a means of celebrating diversity in all its forms. We will partner with providers and suppliers who share a stated and similar commitment to diversity and inclusion.
How this Equity, Diversity, Inclusion focused company manages EDI?:


ATO Diversity

The Australian Taxation Office is an Australian statutory agency and the principal revenue collection body for the Australian government. The ATO has responsibility for administering the Australian federal taxation system, superannuation legislation, and other associated matters.

We recognise that one of our greatest assets is the diversity our staff bring to the organisation.

By embracing our differences we support everyone to realise their full potential. Building an inclusive workplace promotes:

  • improved productivity
  • greater creativity and innovation
  • higher employee well-being and engagement
  • reduced employee turnover.

It is also important that our staff reflect the Australian community we serve. We are focused on building our culture of inclusiveness and making the necessary cultural changes to align with the transformed employee experience.

Our milestones and achievements in the past few years include:

  • the development of a specific Indigenous Employment Strategy to focus and detail organisational efforts in this area
  • the development of a Gender Equality Action Plan, consistent with recent APSC direction, to articulate our commitment to actions supporting cultural change
  • a significant increase in the representation of Indigenous employees
  • the implementation of a Reasonable Adjustment Passport for employees with a disability
  • the establishment of Senior Executive Service (SES) Champion networks
  • formalised employee networks to support Indigenous employees, women, people with a disability, and those who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex (LGBTI)
  • the first ever Australian Public Service LGBTI [email protected] conference in 2016
  • increased numbers of women at Executive level and on the ATO Executive Committee.

The plan identifies six key priority groups which will form the basis of our ongoing diversity strategies and initiatives:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
  • Disability
  • Gender equality
  • Culturally and linguistically diverse
  • Lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans/transgender and intersex (LGBTI)
  • Mature age

The ATO recognises that while there are many parallels between the diversity groups, each faces unique barriers. Therefore we have tailored a flexible approach to each of our diversity groups, with a focus on the APS-wide priorities. The Diversity and Inclusion Plan aims to harness the potential of our workforce to drive effective teams, quality leadership, better decision making and streamlined business.

We recognise talent is not based on gender, cultural background, sexual orientation, age, disability or nationality. We acknowledge the need to remove conscious and unconscious biases and stereotyping from recruitment processes and the workplace.

Diversity and inclusion principles

To ensure the diversity and inclusion principles transition from rhetoric to reality, the ATO and all employees have a shared responsibility to ensure they come to life. The ATO has four underpinning diversity and inclusion principles:

  1. ATO employees are respected and valued

We will promote an environment where the background and diverse skills of our employees are recognised. We understand the impact of conscious and unconscious biases ensuring our decisions are fair and equitable. We embrace the diversity of our workforce with inclusive leadership encouraging different perspectives from our employees.

The ATO’s Workplace Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination Chief Executive Instruction (CEI) outlines our commitment to providing a workplace that recognises and appreciates diversity, and is free from bullying, harassment and discrimination where everyone is treated with respect and courtesy.

2. The ATO builds and leverages a diverse and inclusive workplace

Our intent is to create a culture of inclusion where differences are recognised, valued and ‘different voices’ are heard in decision making. Having people from diverse backgrounds feeling empowered and willing to raise differences will improve decision making, overall process design and our performance. Our culture of inclusion will attract, develop and retain talent that reflects all segments of the Australian community.

3. All employees are able to participate and contribute to their full potential

We champion an inclusive environment and the removal of barriers to ensure all employees are able to fully participate in the workplace. We provide a supportive and adaptable work environment encouraging all our employees to utilise flexible work to balance work, family and caring responsibilities.

4. The ATO strives to be a diversity and inclusion leader and an employer of choice within the APS and across the wider community


Our vision for multicultural access and equity is to provide our CALD clients with:

  • a consistent, tailored and transparent experience
  • reliable and responsive services that meet their needs.

Current ATO services for multicultural communities

  • A network of community language officers across Australia to assist tax payers and ATO employees, via translating and interpreting services.
  • A translating and interpreting service helpline (13 14 50) for those requiring the support of an interpreter.
  • Tax-related material translated into other languages on our website, in various formats – html, video, audio, podcast.
  • A dedicated Tax Talk segment on SBS radio that disseminates important information in numerous languages.
  • We attend expos, events and festivals across Australia to engage with and assist CALD communities with their tax and super affairs.

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