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About the Diversity & Inclusion Company:
Visible Diversity Traits—Culture, ethnicity / race, nationality, gender, mental / physical status (often referred to as disability), and age. Invisible Diversity Traits—Diversity of thought, perspectives, and life experiences which may include education, family status, values and
How this Equity, Diversity, Inclusion focused company manages EDI?:


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While organisations may use a standard definition that encompasses the protected groups, it is important to remember that people are
multidimensional in their diversity. The elements and factors that contribute to diversity can be both visible and invisible. Deloitte’s definition of Diversity as:

Visible Diversity Traits—Culture, ethnicity / race, nationality, gender, mental / physical status (often referred to as disability), and age.
Invisible Diversity Traits—Diversity of thought, perspectives, and life experiences which may include education, family status, values and
beliefs, working-style preferences, and socioeconomic status. Additional dimensions which may or may not be visible include sexual
orientation, religion, language, and veteran status.


Deloitte’s inclusion strategy starts at the top with Frank Vettese, who is Deloitte’s Chief Executive and Managing Partner, and our Chief Inclusion Officer. But it doesn’t end there. Deloitte’s commitment to inclusion spans our entire organization and is woven into our values, culture, and business strategy. Deloitte’s people and leaders believe in the business benefits of inclusion and are committed to leading the way. Everyone is responsible for nurturing an inclusive culture. At Deloitte, inclusion matters to everyone.

Deloitte has reinforced its commitment to maintaining an organization where everyone has equal opportunity to grow, develop, and succeed; to essentially be their truest selves, both professionally and personally.

The “ALL IN: Accelerating gender and inclusion” strategy is designed to deliver exceptional experiences, and outlines Deloitte’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, and to accelerating representation of women in leadership roles.

As organizations navigate technological and societal shifts which are transforming the future of work, boards will have a critical role to play. Diversity of thought—and people—will be critical to ensure that board members are exploring challenges from every angle and consistently bringing a fresh point of view.

“Enhancing the diversity of the workforce and fostering inclusive growth is top of mind for Deloitte,” continued Konigsburg. “To support these goals, we are actively involved with initiatives ranging from our engagement with the B20 to increase female workforce participation, to our collaboration with the OECD in support of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development which includes bringing gender equality to the center of economic development.”
Konigsburg added, “Deloitte also continues to advocate for diversity in boardrooms through our ‘Board Ready’ programs which are delivered across the globe to help prepare women for board service.”

Deloitte’s Diversity and Inclusion Communities

Deloitte believes in a networking culture and an open door policy that opens doors for you in your career. At Deloitte, employee will be surrounded by intelligent, forward-thinking people who are committed to a culture of camaraderie. We recognize the power of relationships and strengthening connections with each other. Deloitte people take as much pride in your accomplishments as they do their own. Our people tell us that the connections they make here are a big reason they came to Deloitte and one of the main reasons they stay. One of the ways we build up these lifelong connections is through our Deloitte Communities, which include employee-driven networks led by our people, for our people. Deloitte’s Communities provide networking opportunities and often help to drive business imperatives through education and relationships.

Canadian Black Professional Network (CBPN)

CBPN’s goal is to develop a firm-wide networking and leadership platform for Deloitte’s Black professionals. CBPN has created a community of support within the firm to build cultural understanding, address challenges and assist Deloitte in meeting its diversity and inclusion goals. Participants create connections through various internal and external events and develop channels of communication to educate other professionals on their issues.

AccessAbility Network : Diversity & Inclusion at Deloitte

AccessAbility’s mission is to drive engagement by supporting and enabling employees with disabilities to fully contribute and reach their full potential in the workplace. Through awareness building, coaching and education, the community contributes to an inclusive culture benefitting both our workplace and our clients.

Canadian Women’s Initiative (canWin)

canWin’s mission is to enhance, promote and foster the social, economic, and political well-being of professional women at Deloitte. canWin has helped create an environment where women can maximize their potential. canWin also connects with other groups across the firm, including Women in Consulting, Career Moms, Financial Advisory canWin, Women’s Spring Breakfast and the Women’s Business Development Group, to address the critical issues that women at Deloitte, and across the business community are facing.

Indigenous and Allies Community

The Indigenous and Allies Community seeks to further enhance our Deloitte Canada people’s understanding of Indigenous culture and history, as well as to attract and retain top Indigenous talent, partner with Indigenous communities both professionally and socially, and help to expand our Deloitte Indigenous service offerings.

Boomer Network

The Boomer Community is an inclusion community aimed at creating an environment where people over the age of 50 can openly discuss their needs. It is a unique opportunity for Deloitte not only to leverage our Boomers in terms of their corporate memory, but also to develop a service offering to our clients that will be unique in the Canadian marketplace.

Deloitte’s Diversity & Inclusion Strategy Services in the United States

Create a new or refreshed D&I strategy based on your organization’s priorities and needs through our proprietary Greenhouse Lab experiences and develop tangible and tailored D&I recommendations to enable business strategy.

Our Strategy Development services:

  • D&I Strategy Development and Roadmap: Create or refine an end-to-end D&I approach, including vision, strategic priorities, actions and short- and long- term roadmaps, informed by leading practices and in-depth cross-industry experience
  • D&I Operating Model Design: Envision and build organizational governance to execute on diversity and inclusion efforts
  • Employee Resource Group and Inclusion Council Strategy: Develop vision, infrastructure, plan, and metrics for Employee Resource Groups or Inclusion Councils in order to D&I and business strategies

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