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About the Diversity & Inclusion Company:
By valuing diversity at HP, whether race, ethnicity, gender, nationality, ability, military status, religion, generation, sexual orientation, or views
How this Equity, Diversity, Inclusion focused company manages EDI?:


HP Diversity and Inclusion Program


HP creates technology that makes life better for everyone, everywhere. HP innovation springs from a team of individuals, each collaborating and contributing their own perspectives, knowledge, and experience to advance the way the world works and lives. From our earliest days, we’ve recognized that capturing and drawing from diverse points of view improves our products and services — and our company as a whole

HP (Hewlett-Packard) is a multinational information technology (IT) company that sells hardware, software and related business services. HP product lines include PCs and other computing devices, enterprise and industry standard servers, storage devices, networking products, software, printers, scanners, plotters and other imaging products. The company introduced handheld calculators, the first commercially distributed data processing system, LaserJet printers, and (jointly with Intel) the Explicitly Parallel Instruction Computing (EPIC) architecture.

HP is reinventing the standard for diversity and inclusion

HP is reinventing the standard for diversity and inclusion — in how we operate as a company and impact society. Diversity is embedded in all we do, and every HP employee at every level plays a part. By valuing differences — whether race, ethnicity, gender, nationality, ability, military status, religion, generation, sexual orientation, or views — we engage top industry talent to drive our company’s long-term success.

HP is committed to fair and equitable pay

At HP, we believe people should be paid for what they do and how they do it, regardless of their gender, race, or other personal characteristics. We also regularly review our compensation practices, both in terms of our overall workforce and individual employees, to ensure our pay is fair and equitable.To deliver on that commitment, we benchmark and set pay ranges based on market data, and consider factors such as an employee’s role and experience, the location of their job, and their performance.


HP has one of the largest and most sophisticated design and engineering supply chains in the IT industry—made up of hundreds of production suppliers and thousands of nonproduction suppliers. We are investing in policies, programs, and capabilities to create a positive impact, strengthen and transform our supply chain, empower workers, and provide greater transparency and accountability to our stakeholders.

harassment-free work environment at HP

A harassment-free work environment also means no sexual harassment. All forms of sexual harassment are unacceptable
in HP’s work environment. Sexual harassment can take many forms. Any behavior toward any employee by a HP manager or coworker that includes unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors or the physical or computer image display of sexually-explicit posters,
pictures, cartoons or drawings and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature will be considered to be sexual harassment.

Management will thoroughly and promptly investigate every reported incident of harassment. Management will protect the
privacy and confidentiality of all parties involved to the extent possible consistent with a thorough investigation. As with those
employees who report harassment, employees who participate in good faith in any investigation of harassment are protected
from retaliation. When a complaint of harassment is substantiated, management will take appropriate disciplinary action, up to
and including termination

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