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About the Diversity & Inclusion Company:
At Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation (NPC), we are committed to building a workplace that actively seeks out and values different perspectives, where all constituents feel respected and that they are contributing to the business. Enhanced business relationships, greater innovation, the ability to attract and retain top talent, and increased productivity, profitability and customer satisfaction are among the benefits of the diverse and inclusive culture we are building at NPC.
How this Equity, Diversity, Inclusion focused company manages EDI?:


Novartis Diversity Inclusion Companies

Novartis is a global healthcare company based in Switzerland that provides solutions to address the evolving needs of patients worldwide. Our healthcare portfolio is strategically aligned to deliver positive impact to our patients.

Novartis have established a Novartis gender strategy and tools to help leadership teams across the organization monitor their gender representation in both external applicants and current management population. We have also put in place predictive people analytics tools to help us work toward our aspiration for gender balance. Novartis’ continuous focus on diversity and inclusion, we aim to:

  • Drive business growth by serving – and building valued relationships with – diverse patients, physicians, payers, suppliers and communities.
  • Create a high performing team culture and an inclusive work environment that fosters performance and innovation.
  • Attract, retain, develop and engage high performing, talented and committed individuals with diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

As diversity has different meanings in different countries, we are surveying a few selected countries to understand how they define “diverse talent” in their specific settings and what their diversity priorities and needs are. We are starting with our largest countries of operation, i.e. the ones with the most employees. This complements our continued focus on finding the best talent from diverse backgrounds to support our mission to reimagine medicine. Novartis define diversity broadly to include the similarities and differences we each possess based upon characteristics we were born with, experiences we have had and choices we have made. In short, everyone is part of our definition.

Novartis’ culture aspiration as a company is to become more self-aware, more curious about each other, with more inspiring and empowering leaders. At Novartis, we understand and support the need for community and belonging. This is why we encourage our people to establish Employee Resources Groups (ERGs) which are voluntary networks linking employees who have shared interests, experiences, and perspectives. ERGs make the unique aspects of D&I more tangible to everyone and contribute to a culture of curiosity and empowerment. By organizing activities and events, these groups aim to increase understanding and awareness around their specific topics of interest. Themes vary from women’s and parents’ groups, people with disabilities, ethnic and cultural affiliation groups to environmental sustainability, mindfulness, and many others. Currently, we have 49 active ERGs, most of them located in the US and in Switzerland, connecting thousands of employees around topics that matter to them.

An inclusive environment is one in which each person’s resources are recognized and routinely utilized in achieving the organization’s goals. People feel valued, respected and heard. People are included as part of the team because their differences in outlook, perspective and background are seen as adding value. Everyone is fully able to contribute.

We have established a multi-year program to implement global principles and processes for pay equity and transparency across all our countries of operation by 2023. Our key actions include: automation of job offers based on objective internal and external benchmarking data to remove possible bias, removal of historic salary data, annual pay equity analysis and adjustments, where appropriate, and transparent communication of individual pay position compared to internal and/or external benchmark data.

An overall pay gap is often driven by unequal representation of one gender in traditionally higher paid skill sectors and/or senior leadership levels. By focusing on achieving gender balance in management by 2023, we aim to positively influence the overall gender pay gap.

Novartis has a strong commitment to the diversity of our supplier base. To help us achieve our goals, we request that our majority suppliers actively participate in our Supplier Diversity initiative by seeking tier-two relationships with businesses owned by: minorities, women, small businesses, veteran, service disabled veteran businesses, LGBT, people with disabilities, as well as HubZone certified businesses and small disadvantaged businesses (SDB). This participation demonstrates added value on the part of our majority suppliers.

We are investing in our existing diverse talent through mentoring and more time for career development conversations. We also foster a sense of belonging through providing opportunities to engage in our diverse Employee Resource Groups. Ultimately, we believe this will help increase attraction and retention of a diverse talent base that meets our business needs.

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