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We employ over 36,500 women directly and provide employment opportunities for hundreds of thousands more across our global supplier base. We believe that achieving greater gender parity will strengthen our company significantly through understanding the needs of the women, men, families and businesses who rely on our networks and services.
How this Equity, Diversity, Inclusion focused company manages EDI?:

Vodafone Diversity

Unconscious bias is all around us and at Vodafone we not only offer training programmes and toolkits to bring the unconscious into the conscious, but actively measure how inclusive our culture is. We empower our colleagues to challenge for change.

People Survey

As part of our ongoing efforts to create an inclusive workplace, we measure our inclusivity through our annual people survey. This year the survey was completed by 87% of Vodafone employees across all countries. We are very proud that 90% felt everyone at Vodafone is treated fairly and 87% felt they are able to be themselves at work. We use the survey to highlight key progress areas and share best practice, to ultimately create the best inclusive environment for all.

Vodafone has many initiatives focusing on breaking the barriers around Gender, LGBT+, Disability, Multiculturalism and Age. Our efforts are ongoing and constantly changing, we believe the key to this is increasing awareness of Unconscious Bias. Focusing on all moments of life at Vodafone, we offer engaging face to face training, along with e-learning and use high profile webinars and events to highlight key areas that bias can creep into the workplace and form barriers.

Supporting and Enhancing an LGBT+ Inclusive Culture

In collaboration with Stonewall, we have launched training on inclusive leadership, focusing on LGBT+ colleagues. Workshops have been conducted on middle management and new graduates, as well as senior leaders. An online learning journey, focusing on being an ally of the LGBT+ community, has also been created for anyone in the company to undertake. This training has been designed to increase awareness and understanding of LGBT+ in the workplace and ultimately foster a supportive environment.

Domestic Abuse Policy

Vodafone was the first global company to launch a new HR policy specifically for victims of domestic violence and abuse. This was launched in response to research commissioned by Vodafone Foundation with Opinium across working adults, which confirmed 1 in 3 had experienced domestic violence and abuse and it had significantly impacted their career.

In response, Vodafone is ensuring our employees who have faced abuse will have access to up to 10 days additional ‘safe leave’ giving them time to manage their situation including seeking professional help and counselling, attending police or court appointments, making arrangements to move house, and supporting their children. Our HR teams are receiving training on how to support employees experiencing domestic violence or abuse.

Mental Health and thriVe

thriVe is our new online and mobile wellbeing platform that provides a wealth of information and tools to help our employees and family members improve their health and wellbeing and to lead a healthier lifestyle. thriVe helps to assess wellbeing and then set and keep track of personal goals. To help manage and enhance those areas that may need some improvement. Users are able to sync any wearable devices and track performance, and take advantage of fitness programs and healthy recipes to help along the way. These is also a wealth of information and support.

HeForShe is a UN Women movement that is inviting people around the world, men and women, to stand together to create a bold, visible force for gender equality. Vodafone has been selected as one of the 10 Corporate Impact Champions. We have committed to increase representation of women in leadership to 30% by 2020, expand access to mobile as a tool for women empowerment and bring mobile education to refugee girls in countries where Vodafone operates. Committing to reach 100,000 supporters of HeForShe, we have already had over 51,000 commitments – you can commit here

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