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Why should I Join a coaching directory?

Our NextGen Coaching directory maximizes your reach to generate leads for your business.


More importantly, only using the button below, you will be able to join our Coach Directory Network for FREE. 


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Unlike other contributor Coaching Directory, we will help you to craft your message and make it more interesting with your personal development ideas, your coaching thought leadership, and building authorities. 


Your thought leadership around personal coaching, business coaching, life coaching and relationship coaching will be shared, heard, and validated by your professional fellow peers, and to potential coaching clients around the world.  

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What should I put on the Professional Coach Network?

For best results, you should list your coaching specialties and basic information of who you are, or the coaching organization that you represent.  


Other information that you should include is the impact that you have made on your clients, and information about your payment method and service areas. 


In general, the more information you list and publish, the more credibility you will have among other coaching expertise. Not only that you are confirming your experience, but it also projects confidence to your future potential coaching customers.  


How to generate leads for your coaching business?

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