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How Does it work?

1. Submit your press release 

Once you complete the payment process, you will be provided with a form to submit your Press Release or Announcement with us.

2. Publish PR on Diversity Platforms

After reviewing your announcement or press release, we will publish it on our diversity platform.

3. Social Media Amplification

We will also share your news on our Diversity for Social Impact Linkedin page, we have over 8,000 targeted audiences who care about diversity and inclusion. 

4. Share with Diversity & Impact Journalists

We will also submit share your news with hundreds of DEI writers and bloggers around the world.

5. Diversity Newsletter

We are not finished! On our twice a week diversity and inclusion newsletter, we will mention your news and press release as well so it can be read by 15K+ subscribers worldwide. 

6. Google News

Your Diversity News and Press Release will also be picked up by Google News - Diversity. It will be searchable and pushed to the audience who wants to read your announcement. 

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Sharing and Promoting Diversity and Inclusion through actions, accomplishments, and excitements. 

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