City of Oshawa

The City of Oshawa is a growing community of 166,000 and is the largest city in Durham Region and part of the Greater Toronto Area. Oshawa is a vibrant urban centre situated on the shores of Lake Ontario extending to rural areas and the Oak Ridges Moraine in the north. Ranked No. 1 for jobs in Canada (May 2016) and designated one of the world’s Top 21 Smart Communities of 2016, Oshawa offers an abundance of opportunities. The City of Oshawa is dedicated to serving our community and achieving our community vision: Oshawa – a prosperous, collaborative, vibrant, inclusive and green city where people and businesses are proud to live, work, learn and play.   City of Oshawa is Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Workplace Certified for 2019 and 2020.
Diversity and Inclusion Workplace Certified by Diversity.Social

City of Oshawa is a Diverse and Inclusive Employer

The City of Oshawa has a Diversity and Inclusion Plan which is a strategic framework with an internal and external focus and the intention to ensure that all residents have equitable access to programs and services, employment opportunities, and feel welcomed and involved in their community. We ensure both an inclusive workplace and inclusive services to the community, staff at all levels of the City must be prepared to learn and to model values, communication patterns and practices that signal a safe and welcoming environment. The City strives to be an employer of choice because of its visible commitment to valuing the diversity of its staff and of the residents of the City. This will necessitate attention to inclusive hiring, retention and promotion practices, as well as ongoing access to resources and training.

Employee Development, Advancement and Education

Talent Management is the umbrella term for how we support talent throughout the entire life cycle of an employee from hire to retire. It starts with attracting talent (the right people for the right jobs), onboarding talent (setting our new people up for success), developing talent (through our various training and development programs), retaining talent (making sure our people are engaged and happy to work here), and even offboarding talent (helping our people transition successfully into retirement or to a new opportunity). The City of Oshawa is dedicated to providing our employees with fulfilling careers, career development and life-long learning opportunities. 

Worklife, Wellness and Health

The City of Oshawa is committed to providing our employees with a healthy, safe, inclusive, accessible, and supportive workplace that is consistent with our Core Values. Through education, training and promotion of wellness and safety programs, we recognize the importance of a healthy workplace and work-life balance that promotes employee growth and wellness. The City of Oshawa has established an active Healthy Workplace Program, which celebrates and recognizes the importance of a healthy lifestyle at work and at home. 

Employee Recognition, Workperks and Discounts

For your hardworking ways, you deserve some praise.  It’s important to us that employees feel recognized and valued for their hard work and dedication. We also offer and have partnered with other third parties to provide high value offers and preferred pricing.

Salary and Monetary Incentives

We offer salaries and incentives that are competitive to the market and reflect the cost of living. The City of Oshawa compensation framework is designed to attract, retain and motivate employees while aligning with relevant legislation, including pay equity and Ontario Employment Standards.

Health Benefits and Insurance

We care about your health and want to help protect you and your family. The City of Oshawa offers health comprehensive health benefits and insurance programs at no cost to employees. Our Health Benefits offset the cost of services and products not fully covered by provincial health care.

Retirement and Savings

Saving for the future is important! Retirement pensions and defined benefit plans offered by companies have Savings become a thing of the past. The City of Oshawa recognizes the importance of these and employees are eligible to participate in various retirement programs in order to help them plan and save for their retirement along with being recognized for their service.

Why Work at City of Oshawa?

Experience a City where people come first. We're all about helping people achieve their goals, grow and make an impact. We are a Municipality inspired by a common vision: Oshawa to be a prosperous, collaborative, inclusive, vibrant and green city where people and businesses are proud to live, work, learn and play. Making an impact in the lives of residents of Oshawa is what we get to do. Whether you're enhancing the customer experience, helping keep our City clean, designing parts of the City or providing essential services, everyone that works here plays a role in delivering on our vision and making a difference on the lives of the residents of Oshawa.

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