Tell the world how Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive your workplace is!

We are always searching for companies who promote and celebrate Diversity & Inclusion. 


Nominate your workplace to have your leaders and employees recognized for your unique workplace accomplishments!

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  • Stand out from peers
  • Improve Bottom Lines
  • Attract Diverse Talent
  • Encourage Innovation
  • Increase Employee Pride
The name of the organization you are nominating. You can nominate as a customer or employee

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I nominate?

You should nominate if you feel that your workplace deserve recognition in the area of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. 

I don't know if my workplace is already nominated or certified, should I still nominate?

Don't worry, you can still nominate and we can let you know. 

What is next after I nominate my workplace?

We will reach out to your company contact (mostly HR), and inform them about the nomination. If they decide to get certified and recognized as a top diversity, Equity, Inclusion Workplace, we will work with them to qualify the company.

When should I nominate? Is there a best time?

Now is the best time, you don't have to wait! 

What is the fee of the certification process?

We work very hard to streamline our process to be as lean as possible. We have successfully to bring down the cost of the certification process comparable to the cost of 2-3 job postings at the popular job posting sites to encourage companies to be recognized. 

10-99 Employees 100-999 Employees 1000+ Employees
Pricing Starting: USD $395 USD $795 USD $1,295
30mins Kick-off Call - - Yes
D&I Questionnaire Yes Yes Yes
Evaluation Yes Yes Yes
Certification Badge (for 2 years) Yes Yes Yes
Social Media Celebration Yes Yes Yes
Job Posting Discount (during badge active period) 10% off 20% off 30% off
Dedicated Company Profile Page Optional ($150) Optional ($300) Optional ($500)
Customer Support Email Only (72hr) Email Only (48hr) Email (24hr)

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