Who is Diversity For Social Impact™?

Diversity stands for Diversity and Inclusion.

Social stands for Social Impact.

Diversity for Social Impact is a Strategic Professional and Organization Development organization that focuses on promoting and empowering Social Impact around the world.

Our audience targets are DEI professionals and service providers who share the same values as us – to improve human diversity and implement inclusion processes.

The Diversity for Social Impact™ Vision

We want Diversity and Inclusion, Social Impact to be something that everyone takes for granted, a commodity in our society that we don’t have to fight for anymore.

Diversity for Social Impact Vision Statement

The Diversity for Social Impact Mission

We want to increase the size and influence of the Diversity (DEI) and Social Impact (Sustainability) industry, by enabling more D&I Practitioners and empowering DEI professionals to become greater, more productive, and more influential in our societies.

Diversity for Social Impact Mission Statement

Is Diversity for Social Impact for me?

Answer the question below, does one of them fit you?

Are you a DEI professional who needs help to execute your strategy?

Are you an HR leader or professional who needs ideas and support to empower Diversity and Inclusion, Social Impact, and Sustainability in your organization?

Are you an aspiring DEI professionals or Social Sustainability practitioner who wants to know how to enter the industry and fulfil your social impact goals?

Are you a DEI Consulting and Service Provider who need help reaching more clients and

Are you an HR or company executive who needs ideas and help to recruit more DEI professionals or build diverse workplaces?

If you answer one or more yeses to the above questions, Our work covers diversity and inclusion to create an inclusive world, as well as working with sustainability companies to make our world more sustainable.

We specialize in education, strategic planning, and implementation of EDI (Equity, Diversity, Inclusion) programs in all areas of the business, on top of Human Resources departments. We are run by passionate advocates and volunteers.

Our Objectives @ Diversity for Social Impact

At Diversity Social, we have a few objectives

  • Promote the necessity of diversity and inclusion in the society and workplace
  • Support and enable more Diversity and Inclusion Professionals
  • Build up the size of DEI and Social Impact Consulting industries with more business, more projects, and more influence
  • Empower aspiring Social Impact practitioners by helping them to find DEI training and projects to learn and grow their DEI careers
  • Promote the business benefits of having a diverse workforce with an effective inclusive strategy
  • Educate the public on diversity and inclusion considerations and the role of citizens to respect and collaborate
  • Educate and advise on Equity, Diversity, Inclusion regulations and compliance in developed countries such as the United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the UK.
  • Promote Diversity and Inclusion strategy and planning process in organizations
  • Managing an Equity, Diversity, Inclusion Portal to share the latest diversity and inclusion news around the world

We have an ambitious goal, but we believe our work will complement all the great work happening around the globe. Diversity Social is a Just Better Future Company (JBFC).