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Social Impact is significant changes, typically positive in this context, that addresses a pressing social challenge. Examples of Social Impact Challenges include poverty, hunger, gender equality, climate changes, sustainability

Diversity inclusion racism

Impact of Racism and Discrimination

What is racial discrimination? What are the social and economic Impact of Racism culturally, socially, economically, and politically

Sustainability, Diversity inclusion in UK

Why is Community and Housing Diversity Important?

Community and Housing Diversity is the measure of diversity in a given community or a housing community in relative to the representation of different diverse groups. While diversity can mean many types of Diversity, community diversity is usually...

Diversity Company Branding

How to Improve Company Branding with Diversity & Inclusion?

The attributes of your organization branding define the culture, perspective, and also attract new recruits and talent of similar attributes. Unless you have pre-select your customer segments, or may I say pre-exclude your customer segment in your...

Ecosystem Diversity Image

What is Ecosystem Diversity?

The Importance of Ecosystem Diversity and Definitions. What is Ecosystem Diversity, why is Ecosystem diversity important?

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