Get recognized - Most Women Friendly Employers™ Certification!

After all the hard accomplishments of building a women-friendly workplace to provide equitable opportunities to women in your organization, it is time to celebrate and get recognized by one of the most reputable diversity and inclusion certification processes available in the world. 

Diversity and Inclusion Workplace Certification and Certified

Celebrate Women Equity! Don't be shy!

  • Gender Equity attracts best talents
  • Internationally Recognized
  • Simple Effective Process
  • Promote gender equity to customers and clients
  • Stay ahead, Lead the change

How it works?

Diversity.Social expands our Diversity Equity Inclusion Workplace™ program to focus on the Most Women-Friendly Employers™ and Workplace. All employers certified as Most Women Friendly Employers have gone through a detailed evaluation process.

Step 1:
Collect D&I Data

Collect Diversity and Inclusion Data within your organization in a geographical location of your choice (USA, UK, EU, Canada, Singapore, Australia)

Step 2:
Complete Profile

Provide details about your organization's D&I practices and profile

Get Certified

Meet our benchmark for Certification criteria and you’ll be certified as a Most Women Friendly Employers™ leader along with dozen additional recognition opportunities.

What You Get?


Recognized as a Certified Most Women Friendly Employers™ for 2 years*

Company Profile

A customized and certified Company certification as a Certified Women friendly workplace

Promotion Materials

Access to the Certification badge and ways to use the badge.

How to Promote workplace diversity Inclusion?
what are best diversity certification for company?
how to getting diversity certified for business
How to Promote workplace diversity Inclusion?
what are best diversity certification for company?
how to getting diversity certified for business

Benefits of Getting Women Friendly Certified

Diversity and employer branding

Attract Female Leaders and Talent

Attract new female talents as a Diversity & Inclusion leader for multi-dimensional talents

Improve Organization Branding

Demonstrate to loyal customers and employees how much you care about social sustainability and provide equitable opportunities to everyone especially women in the workforce

Improve Your Bottom Line

Getting paid is the most important part. Learn how to create a steady income teaching others.

Improve Innovation

Employees who believe they are working at a diverse and inclusive company tend to be more innovative and open to sharing new ideas from women's perspectives and female experience

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Most-Women-Friendly-Employer™ Certification?

The Diversity Equity Inclusion Workplace(DEI Workplace™) Certification is an accreditation that demonstrates to the market that you are an employer of choice while also helping you become an even better workplace through building a diverse and inclusive environment that provides equitable opportunities for everyone. It is considered a services in human resources and DEI, namely, workplace appraisals using a proprietary employee survey and interview techniques, and the offering of advice for changing management's personnel practices and its policies using a proprietary database of best practices

How can an organization become Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Workplace Certified?

If you have 10 or more employees in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom, you can register on our website to start the Certification process. We'll conduct our due diligence and if your organization obtains a benchmark score that is higher than 70% of the market benchmark, you will be certified as a Diversity & Inclusion Workplace™.


You can start by nominating your workplace to allow them to submit an application with us. We will contact them and request more information before we can certify them according to our standards. 

How do you certify organizations at such a low cost? is it legitimate?

  • We specialize in DEI, we do it well, and we have it streamlined. Our experts know what we do at a minimum cost, and we transfer the saving to you to fulfil our goal: building more inclusive workplaces.
  • We streamlined our process to make it simple, and effective. We do not offer fancy systems and swags; while we focus on digital delivery with what matters: helping you to become more a proud DEI Employer.
  • We are a social enterprise with a goal to create social impact in the workplace, not profit prioritized. We transfer all cost-saving values to our certified employers. We hope to provide a social service.
  • Our back office is located in low cost of living locations and operates in a remote diverse environment. Therefore we can take care of our employers while providng you with excellent DEI services.

How much does it cost to certify my workplace?

Our goal is to help you to celebrate your diversity & inclusion efforts and accomplishments; We work very hard to keep our process lean and effective. Our price structure is based on organization size as follows.  

Standalone Certification DEI Certification Add-on
Description Family Friendly Certification only Enrolled together with DEI Workplace Certification
Pricing USD $445 USD $195
Questionnaire Yes Yes
Evaluation Yes Yes
Certification Badge (for 2 years*) Yes Yes
Social Media Celebration Yes Yes
Job Posting Discount (during badge active period) 10% off 20% off
Customer Support Email Only (48hr) Email (24hr)

What are the differences between the "Most Women Friendly Employers™" and the "Diversity Equity Inclusion Workplace™ Certification" ? Are they the same?

No, they are different. 


Using an Olympics analogy for easy understanding, Most Women Friendly Employers™ Certification qualifies your workplace to compete in the Olympics because you are great, and working hard in the development of Diversity & Inclusion; Diversity & Inclusion Rankings lists those who have won the medals in the Olympics by demonstrating that they are leading the peers in creating diverse and inclusive work environments.  


In a proper explanation, the Most Women Friendly Employers™ certifies and recognizes your workplace as a D&I valued employer using evidence provided and collected.  You may think that the certification is certifying an employer's efforts to accomplish Diversity, Equity, and inclusion. 


On the other hand, the Diversity & Inclusion Rankings lists the top and leading employers who have successfully accomplished Diversity and Inclusions and are leading their peers. You may think that the employers listed in the rankings are those who have proven to be in the top percentiles of D&I employers. 

Can you be listed in the Diversity & Inclusion Rankings™ without being certified?

No, we need to review your Diversity & Inclusion analytics, data, policies, and strategy first, and establish your scoring against our benchmark via the certification process, before you can be considered for the Diversity & Inclusion Rankings

For how long is the Most Women Friendly Employers™ Certification valid?

The Certification is valid for 2 years (current year & the following year).

Social Media Celebration

Once your company has been certified, it's time to celebrate and let everyone know! We will make announcement on our social media channels.

Complimentary Job Posting

By enrolling in our Certification process, we will offer you discounts on our job postings (# depends on the size of your company).

Dedicated Company Profile Page

We can also create a dedicated company profile page to highlight and promote your specific DEI accomplishments and programs with a direct link to your company's careers page. This is optional. 

Is there a deadline for the Most Women Friendly Employers™ Certification?

No, there is no deadline and you can enroll in the certification process at any given time. 

Ready to Get Started?

More ways to Get DEI Recognized as a Social Impact employer

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Most LGBTQ+ Friendly Employers™ Certification

The Most LGBTQ+ Friendly Employers™ certification certifies and recognizes workplaces that provides great LGBTQ2+ wellness and supports to their valuable employees from the LGBTQ2+ community. We evaluate their policies and initiatives to determine if the companies create equity for new, existing, and potential LGBTQ2+ employees.

Most Women Friendly Employers™ Certification

The Most Women Friendly Employers™ certification certifies and recognizes your workplace as a women's wellness optimized organization that works hard to improve women's wellness at all stages of their lives.  

Most Family Friendly Employers™ Certification

The Most Family Friendly Employers™ certification certifies and recognizes family-friendly workplaces that provide great wellness program and support for families, including single-parent family, as well as family who support senior family members. 

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