Diversity & Inclusion Management Consulting Services

Best Diversity Inclusion Consulting Canada and USA

Diversity for Social Impact helps Diversity and Social-Impact valued organizations to build Respectful and Inclusive workplaces.

Top Diversity Inclusion Training Expert and consulting firm Canada USA

The Diversity Social Advantages:

  • We Solve your problem at the root causes
  • We build a sustainable Diversity and Inclusion Strategy
  • We change organization Behaviours
  • We Cover all types of Diversity
  • We help you to track and report on your accomplishments

How to Select a good Diversity & Inclusion Service Provider/Consulting firm?

Execute your DEI Strategy

How to build diverse inclusive workplace? Why is Diversity important?

What your organization will become in the future?

You will evolve into a diverse and inclusive workplace

We train, educate, and build awareness of diversity, inclusion, human rights, and social sustainability.

Your employees will expand their world views and understand each other

We take advantage of your diverse workforce and help them to carry out your strategic goals with diversity in mind.

Who is the Best Diversity boutique Consultant in Canada and USA?

We work with your teams to build a long term strategy with achievable results

  • Organizational Goal Setting
  • Stakeholders management
  • Strategy Creation
  • Diversity Strategy Advisory
  • Strategy Execution

We assess your organizational culture against our Diversity & Inclusion framework:

  • D&I Inventory
  • Gap analysis
  • One on One interviews
  • Focus Group

We inspire, and educate:

  • All Levels
  • All Stakeholders
  • Salable and Repeatable
  • Diversity Training Customization

We help you to measure, learn, improve

  • Diversity Analytics
  • Inclusive Analytics
  • Strategic Leadership Analytics for board reporting

Diversity Social consists of Human Rights and Diversity experts with a combination of 35+ years of experience in

human rights, Diversity and Inclusion, Organization Development, Recruiting, People Analytics, and human-centred Digital Experts.

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What is a Diversity Consultant?

Diversity.Social is a diversity specialist who helps large and small organizations to apply diversity and inclusion as a strategic advantage. As your diversity consultants, we help you to create your custom diversity and inclusion strategy and help you to executive it.

Learn more at Diversity.Social Consulting

How can a Diversity & Inclusion consultant help?

A diversity consultant can help you to transform and build a diverse workforce through culture changes. A Good diversity consultant will assess your needs and turn diversity into your competitive advantages for you.

Learn more at Diversity Strategy Consulting.

What is Diversity People Analytics Consulting?

Diversity Analytics consulting is the engagement of a group of professionals and experts to accomplish an objective of measuring, reporting, and improvement of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.


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