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Do I need a Career Coach? Tips to get good Career Coaching.

Should I get career coaching? how to find a career coach that can help me? Where to get career coaches near me?

Career Coach is a very popular help to advance someone’s career and is one of many types of coaches out there. You may be a skilled, talented individual, with impressive credentials and resume’. A great professional, and maybe in demand, and might be of great help to various companies and corporations. You will not have difficulties in finding work or being hired or considered for a job. Or so you think.

But talented and skilled as you are, you find difficulties landing a job. For some reason, you get the ax every time you apply or have difficulties in your work. Something is not working, and as the rejection or disappointment piles up, you already wonder what it is that you are not doing correctly or right.

It will be high time for you to hire or consider having a career coach. It might help you find the source of your predicament and might solve your problems. Having one may help you finally land a job.

What is a career coach?

Career coaches have the expertise and the skills in planning and building a career for someone. They will address your weaknesses that could have played a part in your difficulties in pursuing a career or finding your niche. They will build on your strength, recognize your positives, and will help you maximize it to increase your as you choose a particular path.

Career coaches help you develop the needed traits, attitudes, and skills to be successful. They will help you play on your strengths, maximizing them to your advantage as you blaze your path towards a career.

How can a career coach help building a successful career?

 It will help you go through the nitty-gritty of choosing a career path. A career coach will help you in choosing and planning your career. They can also help you make crucial unbiased decisions in your career, whether about employment, business, or a change of direction, or even scenery, about your career.

They exhibit a great variety of skills that could be of invaluable help to you, from as simple as making a resume’ for an applicant or job-seeker to big business decisions an executive must take to life-altering career paths. They could give and impart wisdom and will help you make choices based on practical and sound judgment.

Career coaches are skilled and talented in those things. They are also great motivators. A career coach will build your confidence and uplift your morale as you go through the tedious process of finding work or employment. Professional, skill, and talented as you are, there might be some choices or alternatives beyond your experience.

 All of us need guidance from experts and knowledge, especially in times of great difficulties. A career coach is one of those who can lend us a hand in making difficult choices about careers and business, and even in life. If guided accordingly, your chances of improving your career, whether in employment or business, improve significantly.

Who can a career coach help?

Those who have difficulties finding their path, securing jobs, or planning a career may benefit significantly from having a career coach. Career coaches could give them practical advice and profound insights about society, business, and life, which they could apply as they decide on a career path.

People who want to go on business or want to be entrepreneurs but cannot decide will also benefit from having a career coach. A career coach will help those people clear their minds and take a long, hard look at themselves. A career coach will help people reflect upon their strengths and weaknesses, which is vital in business plans.

Finally, even executives and business leaders, experts in their field, may also need a career coach. Though a career coach does not make business decisions, it would help the leaders develop a positive mindset as they go through the daily activities of conducting, running, and operating their business.

Finally, for those planning a shift in their careers, athletes, for instance, who are going to or recently retired, may need a career coach. The same thing too for those who have reached their retirement age and are planning to start a new life and break new paths.

Types of career coaches

There are many careers and paths available to every one of us; there are many career coaches. But some are more in demand than others. Among those sought after are business coaches, executive coaches, leadership coaches, performance coaches, high-performance coaches, and career-transitioning coaches.

Let us dig deeper and look at what kind of wisdom these coaches can impart to you, the underlying principles behind their coaching, and the practical knowledge that you can learn from them.

Career coaches for Business coaching

Business coaches are usually business people themselves who decided to impart to others their wisdom and experience. They help others who want to start their own business or jumpstart their careers as entrepreneurs.

In business coaching, the coaches typically advise their clients on what particular business or trade they must invest in and its ins and outs. They based it on different variables, like financial capability, the client’s skills, interests, and goals. A corporate trainer is a type of business coaching to help organization to improve the skillset and culture of an organization. Most of the time, they also advise their client about the business climate or the economy’s current business climate.

They can also be of great help to those whose businesses are already in dire straits due to poor business decisions or a flailing economy. They can help in the financial as well as operational aspects of the business. By doing so, business coaches can help stabilize a faltering business and help steer that business out of financial trouble.

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Career coaches for Executive coaching

Business people may know how to run a business but may have trouble handling people. Some may have difficulties dealing with clients, suppliers, employees and may have issues in relationships with them. It may impact negatively on the business, company, or organization.

Executive coaching can help business leaders, managers, and executives handle people and have excellent relations with people who ultimately matter in their trade. It could teach the executives the techniques and principles to better manage relations and the organization.

Executive coaching can help executives manage their day-to-day activities and operations, usually focusing more on work-related issues in the field, office, or factories. It is an invaluable help to those who run the company’s daily affairs and those tasked to handle teams, groups, or tasked to manage a department.

Career coaches for Leadership coaching

Business people and executives may have the skills, wisdom, and experience to handle business, people or organizations, and departments within it. Overall, however, some must have a vision. The leaders must know where to lead their companies, the trajectory and direction it is heading, and when to accomplish those goals.

Not only that. The executives must take the lead, literally, in steering the company to the desired goals and direction. The leaders must also ensure that the employees and every stakeholder in the company share that vision and must be on the same page.

Leadership coaching can help business executives achieve those things. By imparting their wisdom and experience to those executives, those executives could imbibe the leadership ideas, principles, and attitudes necessary to lead the company and pilot them towards the desired direction.

The executives are leaders due to position, but leadership coaching could turn them into true beacons of their company or corporations and society and business institutions.

Career coaches for Performance coaching

Employees, workers, and individuals sometimes do not work or maximize their full potential despite being skilled or talented. For some reason, they cannot exploit their talent for their benefit and that of the company. The unfulfilled potential could usually hamper an individual’s progress and negatively affect his pursuit of a successful career.

Performance coaching helps someone fulfill his potential by uncovering the issues that are affecting the individual’s performance. It could be personal problems, psychological issues, issues of confidence, or poor attitudes about themselves or their work. The key here is to know what is truly bothering the individual, causing him to perform poorly and not live to his potential.

Once performance coaches have identified the reason for lackadaisical performance, they can work on the individual. A performance coach will help that person address those issues, instilling in him proper attitudes, building his confidence.  A performance coach will motivate the person, making him enthusiastic and driven in achieving his goal and living to his potential.

Career coaches for High-performance coaching

Individuals, especially athletes, must be on top of their game to have a successful career. A momentary success here and there may quickly satisfy some and lessen their drive and determination to achieve more. They need constant motivation to be in their top form and perform at the highest level throughout their careers.

These individuals may need a high-performance coach. A high-performance coach will keep the individual constantly motivated and driven. High-performance coaching will make him on guard against complacency that beleaguered those who have found success. They are the ones who will keep the individual on their toes, to achieve far more than what he has accomplished.

But they are not only for those people. High-performance coaching also benefits those who have suffered tremendous difficulties and have found themselves down and in dire need of great motivation. It is for those people who have suffered life-altering changes and in great need to be back on their feet again.

High-performance coaches will help those people stand on their feet again and control their lives and destiny. They are also of significant help to those who suddenly decide to change direction in their life and need guidance. They will need motivation and confidence again as they take a different, unfamiliar route in their career or lives.

Most performance and high-performance coaches do have expertise in psychology and other related fields. Though knowledge in behavioral principles will undoubtedly help those who want to be performance coaches, it need not be the case all the time.

Career coaches for Career-transition coaching

Detours do happen. Sometimes you move in another direction, or you decide to have another career. Sometimes, promotion and success require you to handle altogether different responsibilities. These changes may be more than you can handle, and concerning this, you might need coaching.

Career-transition coaches help you understand the changes associated with your changing direction and the potential challenges and adjustments you have to make. Career coaching helps you make and set new goals for yourself and plan your life concerning that new career, path, or direction.

They are a great help for those who have retired and want to pursue another career or plan their lives after retirement.

Diversity Coaching

Diversity coaching is becoming a popular coaching area among senior executives in large, especially multinational organizations.

When should I use a career coach?

If you have trouble finding your niche or something is unclear regarding the path you are taking, you can use the services of a career coach. They can help you plot your career, starting from the basics like making your resume’ and putting up your credentials, to navigating the intricate diversity hiring process; they are of significant help.

You may also have a career coach if you are one of the business people, executives, or other people we discussed and have some difficulties regarding career, jobs, or business. If you also need to be motivated and unlock your potential and optimize your skill and talent, you may also avail of any career coach that might suit you.

Where to find a career coach?

It is not tricky searching and finding a career coach, but here are some of the areas which you may look at to find one:

Use a Reputable coach directory

Communities more often than not have a directory of people and persons to be contacted for various purposes, and coaches of all types and variants are no exception. You can look at career coaches from the trusted life coach directory. However, before availing services of one, make sure that they have the necessary skill and expertise to deliver the goods.

Get Referrals from clients of other career coaches

You can also ask any of your friends, relatives, or trusted confidantes to provide you a list or refer you to someone who can help you. They are probably the ones who will know your predicament, your sensibilities, and your temperament. They will surely refer you to a career coach whom they know will get along with you nicely.

Even better, if you have friends or relatives from the field itself, ask them to provide you with a career coach or at least a list. Their expertise will help you find the right, appropriate career coach that you can utilize to help you in your career and path in life.

Search Career Coaches online

Some websites offer various career coach services. Most of them are already around for quite a while and have already experienced handling hundreds of clients. They also find one who is suited to your needs as a client. Just make sure that the website is reputable and bolster an excellent line-up of available career coaches.

Go to a Speaking events and conferences with Career Coaches presence

Motivational speakers themselves are usually career coaches invited to have a speech at a meeting or a conference, or coaching events. They are there precisely to give a speech to a large multitude to maximize space and time but still to motivate people. One way to find a career coach is to attend those events and conferences.

You can avail of the speakers themselves or connect with their team and ask for their help to provide you a career coach suitable to your needs. For sure, they are well connected enough to provide you with the needed help, or at least, to connect you with others who can provide the needed services.

Company career coach programs

Companies usually have a mechanism to help their struggling employees maximize their potential and keep them motivated. You can avail of those programs if ever they are available. Some companies do have a package and offer added benefits, and if it includes something that will allow you to hire the services of a career coach to improve your performance, avail of it.

Tips for finding a great career coach

Finding a career coach is not that hard. But if you do not want to rely on referrals or credentials and want to assess a career coach yourself, you can follow some of these tips.

Look for one who makes their approach and not just following a pattern or a template. Coaches like these, most probably, are more responsive to the needs of their clients and are more than willing to go out of the box and established patterns to help their clients.

Look also for those who are genuinely skilled and have the expertise. One way of knowing it is through various approaches and deep knowledge of materials and resources to benefit and improve the client.

Look for those who have deep insights and can go to the bottom of what is troubling you. Sometimes, there are underlying issues aside from the usual ones that bother an individual. An insightful career coach will always go deeper and will go at the bottom of things.

How to become a career coach

It would be great if you can also improve the careers of others. You can be a career coach too. There are some things you must remember, though.

First, you must have empathy, a genuine desire to help others in their lives and improve their careers. It allows you to be more responsive to the needs of your client. Aside from having this attitude, you must also have the required skills and knowledge to be a practicing career coach. You must also be skilled in imparting wisdom, both profound and practical, that they can use.

You must train and practice, then, to be one. Have all the needed resources and materials which may help you in becoming a career coach, as well as in helping those who want to improve their careers. Finally,  have that commitment to become one, for you will not lack clients who may want to avail of your services, for sure.

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