Diversity Marketing: How companies build loyal diverse customer bases

Diversity Marketing is a modern-day marketing and communication best practice to consider and recognize diverse minority customers as part of any effective marketing strategy. If you are reading our articles, you probably already know or consider Diversity and Inclusion as one of the positive trends in any more workforce.

What is Diversity Marketing?

Diversity Marketing is sometimes also known as inclusion marketing, in-culture marketing, or inclusive marketing. It is essentially meaning exactly how you read it: the marketing strategy and tactics include and consider all cultures, diversity group types, disability groups, sexual orientation, BIPOC such as indigenous groups.

Many organizations and companies are recognizing that we all live in a diverse and inclusive world, and as a marketer, it is your job to communicate to the audience in ways they can relate and understand.

Marketing can come in many forms, which includes online channels like email marketing, content marketing, and affiliate marketing, or other marketing media like print and television advertising, direct mail, and telemarketing. However, diversity marketing is not any of the above, diversity marketing is a way to influence your customers’ brand perception of your brand’s image.

The main goal of diversity marketing is to communicate to your customers that you care about them, and they can relate to you. In technical terms, you want your customers to add “Diversity and Inclusion” as one of the brand attributes of your brand.

About the author

Susanne Ricee

Susanne Ricee is the Diversity and Inclusion Specialist and Researcher at Diversity for Social Impact. Sue brings over 15 years of HR and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion consultation experience.
Sue's previous experience includes Microsoft, Target, and Kraft. Sue is also the manager of Diversity Leadership Directory