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What is Brand Perception?

Many organizations are running very good diversity and inclusion programs, however, somehow their customers still have no idea about that.


It is because that DEI is not part of their brand perception, even the company may have done very well to become a top diversity company.

Brand Perception is everything. As consumers suffer from sensory overload, you want to do everything you can to stand out and make a great impression. This means coming up with ways to reach your audience in a way that reaches them where they are.

There are things that marketers can do to improve a customer’s perceptions of brand perceptions or brand image, in our professions, you can use diversity marketing to influence your customers’ perception of your brand images. You could work on creating online content that helps them solve a particular problem they are facing. Brand perception is how people – whether they’re your customers or not – view your brand.

People’s perception is not based on what they wish to see. Instead, it’s based on what they expect to see based on what they know about the source of the received message. Perception is also influenced by the observer’s environment or situation he/she is in. It has many layers. Many of which are completely out of the message sender’s control.

It’s the opinion they have about your quality, your integrity, and your value system.

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About the author

Susanne Ricee

Susanne Ricee is the Diversity and Inclusion Specialist and Researcher at Diversity for Social Impact. Sue brings over 15 years of HR and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion consultation experience.
Sue's previous experience includes Microsoft, Target, and Kraft. Sue is also the manager of Diversity Leadership Directory