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Best Diversity and Inclusion Resources in Canada

Best Diversity and Inclusion Resources in Canada

Diversity for Social Impact

Diversity Social is a comprehensive Diversity & inclusion resources site for Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, Sustainability around the world.

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Diversity and Inclusion: A Formula for SuccessGlobal Diversity Exchange
This report is based on an exclusive survey of 321 executives at large global enterprises ($500 million-plus in annual revenues).

Embracing Difference, Engaging Community SymposiumEmbrace BC
This website lists presentations which were recorded as part of the Embracing Difference, Engaging Community Symposium held on October 11 and 12, 2012 in Burnaby B.C.

B.C. Immigration and Diversity Facts and TrendsWelcome BC
The B.C. immigration and diversity profiles provide information about immigrant populations and population diversity in British Columbia’s regions and communities

Canadian Antiracism Education and Research Society has a website with useful links and ideas. CAER is a frontline, grassroots antiracist organization that tracks, monitors and fights racism and hate crime, lobbies governments and agencies to provide support for human rights, and supports other organizations and agencies that provide human rights education and research world-wide.

Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion is a made-in-Canada solution designed to help employers, diversity and inclusion/human rights/equity, and human resources practitioners effectively address the full picture of diversity, equity and inclusion within the workplace.

Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity intersectionally promotes diversity in gender identity, gender expression, and romantic and/or sexual orientation in all its forms on a national level through services in the areas of education, health, and advocacy.

Canadian Council for Refugees is a non-profit umbrella organization committed to the rights and protection of refugees in Canada and around the world and to the settlement of refugees and immigrants in Canada. The membership is made up of organizations involved in the settlement, sponsorship and protection of refugees and immigrants. They have produced the helpful brochure, Facing Facts: Myths and Misconceptions About Refugees and Immigrants in Canada.

Canadian Diversity is a journal produced by the Association for Canadian Studies, which also has links and research information for students, professors and researchers with an interest in diversity issues.

Canadian Ethnic Studies Association is a non-profit interdisciplinary organization devoted to the study of ethnicity, multiculturalism, immigration, inter-group relations and the cultural life of ethnic groups in Canada, and publishes a regular e-bulletin, a scholarly journal, and has other resources.

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Canadian Immigrant Magazine is a free monthly magazine, a vibrant and informative source of stories, resources, business and community links related to immigration and settlement in Canada. It features pieces on careers, housing, health, education and culture, among other topics.

Canadian Race Relations Foundation is Canada’s leading agency dedicated to the elimination of racism in the country. They host a national conference and awards program, and their website offers news, educational resources, funding programs and numerous publications on racism-related issues.

Canadian Red Cross has various educational and youth programs aimed at preventing and eliminating violence, bullying, and abuse.

Canadian Teachers’ Federation has a number of programs and resources related to diversity, social justice, Aboriginal education and anti-discrimination.

Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan is a volunteer solidarity network founded in 1996. Members from over ten chapters across Canada are committed to raising awareness to the plight of women in Afghanistan, and to support the empowerment efforts of Afghan women in education, health care and skills development.

Centre for Social Justice conducts research, education and advocacy to enhance peace and security, to narrow gaps in income, wealth and power, and to promote greater equality and democracy. They are based in Montreal and have a number of good publications and events.

Choose Your Voice is a free resource designed as part of the “Fighting AntiSemitism Together” (FAST) project. It helps students learn about the dangers of hatred and stereotypes, and find their voices to combat them. It encourages students not to be bystanders or perpetrators, but heroes, by speaking out. Although it was originally designed for junior high teachers based on provincial curriculum requirements, its lessons are readily adaptable for high school students and other learners.

Classroom Connections is Canadian non-profit organization that develops free educational resources for schools, addressing areas that may not typically be covered in classroom text books, such as global citizenship, economic disparity, fair trade, sustainable development and peace education.

Diversity Institute at Ryerson University has a useful resource list of grassroots, advocacy and affiliate groups promoting cultural or diversity issues.

Harmony Movement is a not-for-profit organization to combat racism and discrimination, and promotes youth leadership through education. They offer a number of resources, programs, awards and post-secondary Harmony Scholarships.

Human Rights Research and Education Centre is run by the University of Ottawa. Since May 1981, they have been exploring linkages between human rights, governance, legal reform and development, supporting national human rights institutions in Canada and abroad, and engaging in multidisciplinary research and education.

Interfaith Unity Newsletter is a free newsletter of Interfaith activities, news and resources in Toronto, Southern Ontario and internationally.

Jer’s Vision: Canada’s Youth Diversity Initiative is Canada’s national organization to support and encourage the work of youth to address discrimination in their schools and communities. Through art, community, education, youth initiatives and partnerships with a variety of established national and community organizations, they provide youth with the tools and the resources to promote diversity and end discrimination of all kinds.

League for Human Rights of B’Nai Brith Canada has produced a number of educational programs and resources on anti-hate activity.

London Cross Cultural Learner Centre has been open for over 50 years and offers excellent listing of diversity resources and services.

Media Smarts has a number of excellent resources for teachers and parents related to digital media and information literacy, on the themes of cultural diversity, racism, representation, and bias.

Me to We is a for-profit venture offering products and services related to finding meaning in our lives and world by reaching out to others. Marc and Craig Kielburger, founders of Free The Children, have worked in numerous countries with some spiritual, political and social leaders of our time. Their WE Charity is an international charity that partners with communities through a holistic, sustainable development model that equips families with the tools and skills they need to lift themselves out of poverty.

Multiculturalism through the Government of Canada celebrates and preserves the history and heritage of Canada’s various ethnic groups, and contains information on relevant resources and events.

No Big Deal campaign is a positive and affirming response to the recent conflict around transgender peoples’ pronouns, including gender-neutral ones instead of she/her or he/him. Founder Dr. Lee Airton reminds us that using someone’s gender pronoun is an easy way to show your support for everyone’s right to live safely and well in their gender identity.

Ontario Black History Society is a non-profit registered Canadian charity dedicated to the study, preservation and promotion of Black History and heritage. The OBHS fosters the recognition, preservation and promotion of the contributions of Black peoples and their collective histories through education, research and cooperation, sponsoring educational conferences and exhibits, and including material on Black History in school curricula.

Ontario Human Rights Commission has a number of good resources and guides around human rights and discrimination issues.

Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion
This website provides individuals and employers resources on the topic of diversity and inclusion.

Migrant Integration Index
The Migrant Integration Policy Index (MIPEX) is a unique tool which measures policies to integrate migrants in all EU Member States, Australia, Canada, Iceland, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, Turkey and the USA. The index is a useful tool to evaluate and compare what governments are doing to promote the integration of migrants in all the countries analysed.

Inclusion BC
Inclusion BC is a provincial non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the participation of people with developmental disabilities in all aspects of community life.

Francophone Diversity in BCFCFA
This webpage provides insight and statistics regarding the Francophone diversity in the Province.

Stop Racism and Hate Collective is a group that monitors hate group activity, helps young people leave hate groups, and provides information and advice to help stop hate motivated activity on the Internet and in communities.

Students Helping Others Understand Tolerance (SHOUT) is a national organization, founded and governed by students. They promote genocide awareness and speaking out against racism and intolerance both across Canada and within the global sphere. Members share a mission to build bridges between diverse campus groups and spread awareness in eradicating social injustice and promoting respect and inclusion for all global citizens. is an online webzine that remains neutral on political and religious orientations, and aims to promote awareness of the major democratic principles on which tolerance is based.

Youth Action Network is a national non-profit youth organization dedicated to helping youth become more informed and actively involved in order to move towards a just and sustainable society. They understand the need for a stronger voice and for greater participation of youth in local and global communities, to provide information and promote action.

United Nations Association in Canada has numerous programs and opportunities for young people doing work in peace-building, citizenship, and promoting the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s findings.

Cities of Migration
This website hosts reports that showcase innovative best practices in immigrant integration as well as provides other resources on the topic of inclusion and urban prosperity.

Hire Immigrants
This website provides information and resources, particularly in the area of research and policy, on hiring immigrant talent.

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