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What are Diversity and Inclusion Software Tools? DEI Technology solutions for managing diversity in organization and companies

What are Diversity Management Tools and Technologies?

Diversity Management Software and Technology are technical solutions that help company leaders, human resources and culture leaders, and diversity professionals such as Chief Diversity Officer to manage diversity and inclusion in an organization.

Diversity and inclusion software is a broad scope and can be applied in many different organization processes, such as diversity recruiting and hiring, Strategic planning, Organization audits, People & Diversity analytics, and possible event management (e.g. diversity and inclusion calendars) and employee engagement as well.

In this article, we will provide an overview of diversity and inclusion software and the high-level scope of such diversity and inclusion tools.

Types of Diversity and Inclusion Management Solutions

Hiring and Recruitment (Diversity and Inclusion DEI Recruiting tools)

Diversity Hiring and Recruitment is the first gate to building workforce diversity. You simply cannot educate or train a diverse workforce, you need to intentionally build it and monitor the process. You need to recruit for diversity.

As part of any successful and effective DEI recruitment process, we should pay special attentions removing gender bias, or any unconscious bias from the hiring process.

Hiring is not just job posting, interviewing, and offering job positions, it also includes the onboarding of the new employee to make sure that they feel included and welcomed.

Diversity & Inclusion Strategy and Planning

Diversity recruitment is only one part of a diversity and inclusion strategy. And as to any strategy, it needs to be planned, created, prioritized, monitored, documented, and communicated. I consider the planning and content management function to be a key requirement to any mid to large-scale diversity and inclusion planning.

Diversity and Inclusion Policy Management Tools

After you have a strategy on Diversity and inclusion, you may create an organization-wide Diversity and Inclusion policy to officially state a visionary position for your organizations. In many cases, you may have other related policies like an accommodation policy, or a web accessibility policy for digital communications. For example, you need tools to track and implement cultural competency tools to educate about cultural diversity.

DEI Assessment and Audit Tools

Before you can start anything, you can use diversity and inclusion audit software to perform a diversity audit on your company’s DEI status. A diversity Audit is important because it provides you with important information to improve your future actions to create a diverse workplace. The audit provides a holistic view of your progress, as well as opportunities. A Diversity Audit may include diversity diagnostics surveys, equality impact assessments, bespoke diversity research, gender pay gap analysis, and supplier diversity audits.

Diversity and Inclusion Analytics

Modern digital-savvy People & Culture HR units can help leaders to truly leverage the power of People Analytics to manage a diverse workforce in lots of ways. DEI analytics is becoming a standardized function for DEI / EDII software.

Employee Resources Groups (ERGs) management

ERGs have traditionally been focused on personality traits or characteristics for underrepresented groups, for example BIPOC, women, sexual orientation, gender, disability etc. Technology solutions are available to help you anagement the administration and governance of such groups.

Diversity and Human Rights Calendar

Many comprehensive diversity software also provide event calendar functions for you to note diversity related events and important dates, or even let you to create your own versions of diversity calendars localized to different regions.

Contact us for advice if you have questions. Or consult any of the DEI consultants and experts in our directory.


If you don’t know how to start or where to start, you may consult a diversity consulting firm or diversity specialists to help.

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