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Lego announces the first Rainbow set ahead of LGBTQ Pride month in June 2021! Is Bitcoin bad for the environment?

State Department announces winners of Diversity Visa Program. Vancouver School Board to vote on Indigenous languages program

Sustainability news: Carbon Footprint of Bitcoin

Why does Elon Musk say Bitcoin is bad for the environment?

As Bitcoin is becoming increasingly popular in the markets, Tesla will no longer accept Bitcoin as payment. Why does Elon Musk say Bitcoin is bad for the environment? Bitcoin mining requires the use of high-powered computers using a lot of electricity generated with fossil fuels contributing to global climate change. How big is Bitcoin’s carbon footprint? And … Why is Sustainability Important?

BTW, What diversity companies are hiring now?

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Diversity & Inclusion news: US – Immigration, Economy & Equity

State Department announces winners of Diversity Visa Program

Immigration plays an important role in a country’s social, cultural, economic & technological development, sustainability and growth. The Diversity Immigrant Visa Program or “The Green Card Lottery” came back to life after Biden signed an executive order to end “Discriminatory Bans on Entry to the United States” which restricted people from Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States. CNN explains more.

Diversity & Inclusion news: World – LGBTQ2+

Credits: LEGO &

Lego announces 1st rainbow set ahead of LGBTQ Pride month

To celebrate the upcoming LGBTQ Pride month, LEGO is bringing to the fans the first-ever LGBTQ2+-themed toy set called “Everyone is Awesome” in the 72 years of history. “I wanted to create a model that symbolizes inclusivity and celebrates everyone, no matter how they identify or who they love,” Matthew Ashton says.

Diversity & Inclusion news: Canada – Indigenous

Vancouver School Board to vote on Indigenous languages program

As Canada celebrates its 153rd birthday this year, students in the public school system in Vancouver, British Columbia, may have an opportunity to learn Indigenous languages starting next year – subject to the Vancouver School Board’s approval. It may be time for the education system to take on corrective/remedial actions in “a pretty heavy colonial system”. Here are some FAQs around Indigenous Inclusion such as “What is Indigenous inclusion?”

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Diversity & Inclusion news: UK – Workplace

UK supreme court to take on paid interns from underrepresented groups

The UK Supreme Court, judiciary, and legal profession are facing scrutiny over accessibility and lack of diversity. They are now partnering up with a charity on a program aiming to improve accessibility and career progression of underrepresented groups into the professions.

Diversity & Inclusion news: Australia – Gender

Women are leaving the tech industry at an alarming rate

Diversity is key to innovation and growth across industries. A 2020 global research shows that half of the women entering into the tech industry leave by age 35 primarily because of non-inclusive workplace culture.

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