Best Online Fundraising Sites, Nonprofits for Diversity & Human Rights in Canada

There are many things we can do to advance diversity, sustainability, human rights, and equality. You can practice diversity and inclusion every day in your jobs, in your interactions in your social circle. You can also promote diversity to others and help others to get more information about useful diversity inclusion sites. You can also volunteer at nonprofits that promote and advance the diversity agenda too.

One of the most popular ways to support diversity is to donate directly to diversity and inclusion charities or nonprofits to support larger diversity programs to improve equality. In another post, we have already talked about What is the Best Online Donation & Fundraising Sites in Canada for CRA Charities listing?, this post will take a narrower look at what are the best donating-sites for Diversity, Inclusion, sustainability, equality, and human rights causes?.

The challenge with donating is that there are too many charities and nonprofits out there. There are large multi-millions size charities who spend 10 million in administrative cost, there are also niche diversity charities that are not sharing much information, and then there are too many options to choose from.

A new concept of charitable giving that I agree with is High-Impact Philanthropy, that’s why I chose a one that resembles the same concept.

I think it is a great concept to maximize diversity and inclusion impact with the limited donation that I can give. You can learn more about High-Impact and Transparent giving, and I think it will become more popular very soon.

What are the best online donation platforms for diversity, human rights, and sustainability in Canada?

When I review all fundraising platforms available in Canada, I look at those who is reputable, focuses on high impact charitable-giving, and also something that is easy to use. I select two.

1. Circle Acts Charitable Donation Marketplace

The Circle Acts Online Fundraising Site is a relatively young but innovative way to give. What is nice about Circle Acts is that it is a charity on its own according to the CRA Charities Directorate and on an important mission. The mission of Circle Acts is to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of other charities to help them focus on their causes, which include diversity, human rights, sustainability, black equality, and environmental sustainability.

You can easily go through all high impact charities who aligns with your belief, select the charities, and donate. That’s it.

I am a big fan of Circle Acts and believe it will help promote many good charities and bring in much more donations for valuable nonprofits.

2. Canada Helps

Canada Helps supports all Canadian charities, no matter how big or small. Offering much more than just donation processing, they enable the fastest disbursements, and provide robust reporting and the best fundraising technology to charities nationwide. CH has been around for 19 years and is one of the oldest platforms in Canada.

3. GoFundMe Canada

Millions trust GoFundMe as the #1 online fundraising expert. That’s why more people use GoFundMe than any other platform—and have raised more money than anywhere else.

Gofundme helps families and communities get back on their feet quickly. The majority of our organizers can withdraw funds immediately, while many other platforms place a seven to 30-day hold. In just the first 30 days following Hurricane Harvey, GoFundMe delivered over $27 million directly to people affected by the storm.

What are the best fundraising sites in Canada?

The hottest and most innovative fundraising sites in Canada are:

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