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What can we learn about Diversity from the Super Bowl?

NFL supports fight against social injustice, racism, and inequality. McDonald's Executive pay tied to Diversity Goals

Amazon’s D&I Super Bowl Ad

According to CNBC, Super Bowl 2021 attracted a total of 96.4 million viewers this year. Here are some interesting facts about the Super Bowl: Advertising, Ratings and the Halftime Show. It costs $5.5 million for a 30-second advertisement. This year, which of the Super Bowl commercials caught your attention?

Amazon is sending a D&I message this year with this Super Bowl Ad.

Did you see how actor, Michael B. Jordan, takes over as Alexa by Amazon?

The NFL is 70% black, so why is its TV coverage so white?

credits: the guardian

NFL showcased its support for the fight against social injustice by having the national anthem performed by a black and a white musician. However, the social message seems to be muddled.

It is not hard to notice there is a higher Black representation in terms of players than in broadcasters when you watch the game on TV. Could more be done?

Get some insights on how to accelerate progress on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in this report by McKinsey & Company on “Race in the workplace: The Black experience in the US private sector”.

Diversity & Inclusion News: Turn Diversity into Workplace Culture and Business Results

McDonald’s overhauling workplace culture to meet diversity goals

How is your workplace building a DE&I culture? McDonald’s is tying its executive pay to diversity goals.

McDonald’s is taking action towards increasing the percentage of women and underrepresented groups in the senior, director, and other executive positions.

How can we combat Diversity in the Workplace?

How can we drive Business Outcomes through Diversity?

Diversity & Inclusion News: How to hire more talents in the competitive market?

Where can you find the largest untapped STEM talent pools in the United States?

Why is Diversity important? It is because the demographic landscape of the United States is shifting. The underrepresented populations are the largest “untapped STEM talent pools in the United States.”

Here is a report “Women, Minorities, and Persons with Disabilities in Science and Engineering” that provides statistical information about the participation of these three groups in science and engineering education and employment.

Why and how is cultural diversity is important? What can we earn from cultural diversity as a society?

‘Pipeline problem’ myth at play in corporate Canada’s diversity shortage, experts say

Heather Baker, partner and chair of the board at KPMG, said “a strong inclusive leadership pipeline can transform not only a single company, but the future of Corporate Canada”.

What is the “pipeline problem” myth at play?

Diversity & Cultural Celebration Dates This Week

Lets create an inclusive workplace culture together!

  • Deaf History Month (March 13-April 15)
  • St. Patrick’s Day (March 17)
  • Naw-Ruz (March 19)
  • International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (March 21)

Learn more about these celebration dates here.

Diversity and Inclusion Press Release Amplification Service

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