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Environmental Sustainability Living -the Ultimate Eco-Friendly Green Living Guide

“We have forgotten how to be good guests, how to walk lightly on the earth as its other creatures do.” —Barbara Ward

Suddenly everybody is talking about eco-friendly products. There is a growing awareness about going green and you find people around making informed choices. This sounds good. At last, we have woken up to the demands of time and understood that we need to take responsibility for our actions. The natural resources are steadily depleting and we have to do something to save this planet. However, is going green enough? Is eating organic food enough? No. We need to look at every level of our lives and bring changes so that we can create an impact. From food to clothing, from health to technology, we need to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle if we want to show our care for our planet.

Eco-friendly living – why it is Environmental Sustainability important?

Sustainability has become an important issue. We are using too much of the resources available to us and slowly pushing the earth towards a breakdown. According to a recent study, we use 1.5 times the resources of this earth every year to sustain ourselves. This means that we are actually running out of the resources of the planet very fast. Thus, there is a growing concern among people to save the earth through sustainable growth. We need to take measures that would maintain the socio-economic balance and ensure that our future generation does not face the peril of being wiped out.

Acknowledging the danger is one thing and doing something to save our earth another. Are we ready to adopt a green-living lifestyle? How do we ensure that the industries invest in sustainable growth models? What can we do to ensure that we are taking care of the earth in every possible way? Let us find out the changes we need to embrace at various levels to make this planet livable again.

Eco-lifestyle – the 3R’s principle – Reduce | Reuse | Recycle

The world has taught us to seek luxury and hence we follow a lifestyle that is often irresponsible. We need to scan our lifestyles and find out the areas where we can bring changes and create harmony between nature and our way of living. What creates an imbalance in the environment is the exploitation of the natural resources without taking any conscious efforts to regenerate. Thus, we need to begin from this point. How to manage our consumption so as to place lesser pressure on the environment and helping it to regenerate.

The 3 R principle of eco-living is the golden rule that we have to follow. Reduce, reuse and recycle as much as possible – this is the simple rule that we all need to keep in mind as go about performing our daily activities.

Going minimalistic would help us to reduce and hence use less of the natural resources. Reusing items also achieves the same goal. Recycling makes sure that natural resources are put to maximum use. By following these rules in our life and all our activities we can surely achieve sustainability.

Eco-friendly living – charity begins at home

Whoever said, charity begins at home was a visionary. A lot of the changes that we want to see in the world should actually begin at home. Let us share a few ideas that you can implement at home.

Repair all the leaking taps in the home to save water, one of the most precious resources of the earth. Make sure that you switch off the fans and lights when you leave a room. Try to use less of electronic gadgets like air conditioner, room heater, geyser, and micro-oven. You can reduce power consumption at home by opting for energy efficient gadgets.

LED bulbs are energy efficient. Insulate the roof and seal the windows and doors to drought-proof your home. Use solar heaters and cookers at home.

Use heavy curtains during winter to maintain the temperature. Use appropriate shades to keep the heat out during summer.

Eco-conscious urban living can be implemented by planning our spaces in the right way. You need to get awareness on proper ventilation, use of energy efficient gadgets, planning a better environment for work and leisure.

Want to lead an eco-friendly life? Carry water whenever you step outside to avoid buying packaged water. Carry reusable eco-friendly bags when you go out shopping. Buy recycled products as much as possible. Segregate waste properly to aid in recycling. Use hand towels instead of paper napkins.

Use plants at home for decoration. Gardening as a hobby has plenty of benefits. Teach your children to take care of the plants and help in saving the earth. Prepare your own compost out of the wet waste.

Ensure green-living by opting for organic foods. When grocery shopping, choose organic foods and also stay away from processed food.

Buy local food. The less the food travels to reach your plate, the healthier it is. Moreover, it also helps in reducing pollution and using up of precious resources.

Give up using paper napkins, disposable plates, and cutlery. Using cloth napkins and proper dishes and cutlery is eco-luxury that you should invest in.

Organic food brings us to another interesting and innovative method to lead a green life – urban farming. The people living in metros are adopting urban farming to follow their passion to go green. Terrace gardens have become a craze for people trying to grow their own herbs and veggies. Chemical free and good for the health, the community farming is reducing the pressure on the farmlands and helping us to lead a green – life.

Vertical farming is also gaining popularity in big cities that enhance the green cover and also optimizes microclimatic factor. Vertical gardens are great in reducing the effects of pollution and provide a nice view to the sore eyes.

Eco home renovation & Living – find environment savvy ways to makeover your home

Firstly, understand that renovation doesn’t mean tearing down everything and redoing. Making small changes, bringing efficient systems and going eco-friendly in small steps would help you to achieve green renovation.

Invest in furniture that is green and eco-friendly. Getting solid wood furniture from antique shops or recycling old pieces is a good idea. You may use reclaimed wood also. This type of wood is ideal for your kitchen, flooring and even the walls.

Donate all the unwanted items so that they are reused. When renovating your home, choose energy efficient lighting system. Instead of replacing, think of refacing. This is an excellent way to give the old cabinets a great look.

Today, we have an option of using low VOC paints that are odorless and 100% acrylic – a great way to implement green living.

Bring down your energy costs by having proper windows and doors and also using solar panels for meeting your energy requirements.

 Practice green-health – things you can do

There are plenty of things you can do to ensure good health with the help of green-living and saying no to plastic is one of these. Plastic being non-biodegradable affects our environment negatively. It also has a negative impact on our health. Harmful chemicals leach out of plastic containers and bottles that cause cancer. So, say no to plastic to enjoy good health.

Choose to workout outdoors. This would help you to get more of sunshine and also use less of gadgets, thereby saving electricity.

What about your beauty routine? Ever thought how the products you are using is affecting the environment? We can easily cut down on using multiple bottles of synthetic products and stick to a chosen few. Opting for green spa product would be a nice idea.

Adopt holistic living and see the changes they bring to your life. Using aromatic essential oil to treat problems like stress and tension is a good way to start.

Move around more. Get out of your car and start walking more. Instead of the elevator, use the staircase. For short distances, walk or cycle. Carpooling helps in saving the use of fuel and reducing pollution. These simple steps would ensure good health, maintain your weight and also increase well-being.

Eco Renewable energy – time to switch to green and renewable energy

Global warming, depletion of the ozone layer, and change in climatic conditions are some of the effects that are making us think of the way we use our energy resources. The environmental cost of using the precious fossil fuel is compelling us to choose green power. This is the renewable and environmentally friendly sources of energy like wind energy, solar energy, geothermal energy, and biomass energy.

By adopting the alternate sources of energy, we can put less pressure on the limited natural resources and save our earth from adverse effects like pollution and global warming.

Many countries are investing in technology to use green energy on a large scale. At home, we can adopt this also. Use of solar heaters and cookers is one of these ways. Even you can use solar air conditioners nowadays. Using biomass or biofuel is also another viable option that people are experimenting with. If you own a big real estate, having wind turbines to produce your own energy is another possibility.

Eco-friendly at work – enjoy eco-luxury at your office

We spend most of the waking hours in our office. At present, we release 4.9 metric tons carbon-di-oxide per capita every year. If this fact doesn’t shock you, what will? So, there is an urgency to go for green offices to control this emission. As responsible workers, you can take several measures to save the environment.

Use carpooling to commute to your office. Always insist on buying energy-efficient products. Make sure that all electronic appliances are put off when not in use.

Reduce the use of papers. Always use recycled paper. Ask everyone to use green cleaning agents that are non-toxic. Reduce the use of plastic bags and cups inside the office premises.

With these small changes and by encouraging others to come up with more ideas, you can make your office a green space that you would be proud of.

Green tech- the only way to preserve our environment

Call it green tech or clean tech, we need it to reduce the harmful impact of our activities. The green tech innovators are using green chemistry and the latest environmental science to come up with ideas to reduce the harmful waste and also use energy efficiently. We are already seeing a lot of changes in this respect with the introduction of green tech cars and electronic gadgets. In near future, we would observe changes in waste management, water purification, and use of more renewable energy.

The tech innovators are trying relentlessly to use more recyclable and biodegradable products in the manufacturing processes. The major companies like Google, Dell, GE, and Unilever are investing heavily in R&D activities to come up with cleaner manufacturing processes. Many companies are installing wind turbines as alternate sources of energy.

Plant-based packaging system would soon become a reality. Constant R&D activities would ensure gadgets get eco-friendlier.

From big corporations to smaller ones, we need to take up initiatives at every level to make technology eco-friendly. This is the only way to save this planet.

Green industry – how companies can get environment-friendly

Improper waste management, emission of greenhouse gases and dumping waste in landfills are few of the ways in which industries contribute to rising levels of pollution. To counter these effects, we need stringent laws. Moreover, we also need to encourage the industries to take up appropriate measures to manage their waste.

Product packaging like the use of papers, plastic, and Styrofoam contribute to soil pollution by breaking down into toxic chemicals when dumped into landfills.

Thus, industries need to invest in sustainable packaging. Opting for energy efficient production processes is another way to reduce pollution.

We need to understand that collective effort can only save our earth. Governments, industries and common people need to come forward to draw up long-term plans and policies towards safer and greener earth. We need to remember that “Living more sustainably isn’t a hippie thing. It’s a survival thing.” So, we need to take up this fight as our own and make sure that we leave a better place for the future generation.

Guest post from https://nosnatura.com/blogs/live-edge-tips/green-living-eco-friendly

What is the 3R Principles of Sustainable Living?

The 3 R principle of eco-living is the golden rule that we have to follow. Reduce, reuse and recycle as much as possible – this is the simple rule that we all need to keep in mind as go about performing our daily activities.

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