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The Complete Guide to Generate Leads for Consulting and Service Providers (esp. Diversity Consultants)

How do Diversity and Inclusion Consultants find consulting projects? How to become a DEI specialist and consultant?

With all types of content available through the internet, the need to have a constant presence is a must. Companies must take advantage of everything that technology has to offer, including the internet. They must ensure that they had influence all over the place. It ensures that whatever advocacies they have in mind will reach a lot of people.

In this article, we will walk you through ideas to generate leads for DEI consulting businesses

The need to have a presence to sustain achievements for diversity, therefore, is essential. The idea and goals of having diversity in the workplace must be in most people’s minds. They will constantly remember the need to be aware of the issue.  People will always have in their minds the goal of achieving diversity in society.

The constant presence will also ensure that whatever gains we have achieved towards having diversity in the workplace will remain. In short, we are hoping that we can sustain whatever that we have achieved. Sustaining success means not only preserving whatever we have won. It also means going on uncharted water and territories, where diversity previously did not tread.

Those who are advocates of diversity, like diversity consulting businesses, must ensure that most, if not all, implement such policies to promote equality and social justice. They must have access to companies that do not yet have such a policy or access to institutions and other businesses that want it but do not have the know-how. If you have a great service to provide, you need to apply it in order to create social sustainability.

To have a social impact, consultants must have a way to reach their audience. One way to reach out to those potential businesses and institutions is through lead generation. What is lead generation, and how can it help advance the cause of diversity, equality, and social justice?

What is lead generation for consulting businesses?

In the early days, companies directly advertise their product to people in a variety of ways.   Businesses directly advertise their product to people, either through wandering salesman or other gimmicks. With the advent of modern mass media such as television and radio, mass advertising became possible.

Advertising for millions became possible. Still, though, it is subject to some limitations. Since it was addressed to millions, it is also impersonal and rarely has a personal touch. Though they may cater to personal needs, advertising in this way rarely fits the specific needs of a particular person. They cater more to the needs of the general public.

But the rise of the internet and social media, however, change the game for businesses. Now, they can advertise to the general public but still cater to different needs of an individual, business, or group. Instead of bombarding the public though with their messages, they employ what we call lead generation.

A person who exhibits a particular interest in a product or service could be considered as a lead.  A company, business, or consultancy firm will know a particular lead through information coming from various sources.

Among sources of information are personal information and datasheet gathered, information gathered through surveys, those collected by pollsters. Anything that provides an opening for further engagement for a particular product or service could be a lead a company could pursue.

We can classify leads according to how a particular company, business, or consultancy engaged in them. Marketing leads are those contacts, potential customers, or buyers that have expressed interest in what you offer but have not yet made any actual contact in your company, or at least not yet ready to engage in it.

Sales leads are those that expressed interest in buying a product or avail of a particular service. They are those who actively make inquiries. Product leads are those who use products, services and have taken a particular interest in them, either as a regular customer or avail of your product or services in the future.

Another one would be service leads. These are those who contacted a particular agent and wish to upgrade or downgrade a particular service. Cable providers and internet service providers could be great contacts for service leads. DEI consultants are also one.

Those leads are possible because they have a niche or offer a particular product, specialization, or services that are of interest to individuals, companies, businesses, institutions, and the public. Aside from that, however, most of them are also engaged in what we call lead generation.

Lead generation is a series of techniques you need to use or apply to generate interest in what you offer, whether services, products, or expertise. It combines old age wisdom derived from marketing and advertising and new technologies and new approaches.

Unlike older forms of advertising and mass media, it takes advantage and maximizes the new medium such as the internet. It also takes advantage of social media networks and platforms to generate further interest among consumers. It boosts sales, creates and increases awareness of certain DEI products, training, services, and even advocacies.

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Why is lead generation important?

Lead generation nowadays is essential for several reasons. Among these are the following:

Increasing use of social media platforms

More and more people are using social media platforms these days. The almost universal use of the internet allows people to connect despite vast distances. It allows them to communicate with each other in an instant. It also facilitates the quick movement of knowledge and information. The information resides at the bottom of your fingertips, as they say.

Advertising and marketing quickly realized the potential of social media platforms. More and more people could be reached by information. More and more people could also respond easily and quickly to advertising inputs. You can deliver messages, inquiries, replies, input, and feedback back and forth instantly.

Lead generation and all the possibilities it entails increased significantly owing to the rise of social media. Therefore, it is essential to be engaged in lead generation instead of traditional advertising and marketing practices to maximize further the advantages social media offers to most companies, businesses, institutions, and advocacy groups.

Better reach

In traditional advertising, you reach a target audience owing to the use of a particular medium such as newspaper, television, or radio. This approach reaches a lot of people, but it has some limitations.

One limitation is that you cannot specifically target a particular audience for your product or services. Your audience will be those who cater to a particular newspaper or television and radio shows. Some of them may never be interested at all in what you offer.

However, using lead generation allows you to target a specific audience that might be interested in what you have. It allows you to focus and concentrate on what the audience wants or desires or other issues or specificities they have in mind.

Before the advent of the internet, lead generation could not lead to better exposure owing to the limitations posed by traditional media. With the internet, however, you can reach millions of people in no time, faster than during the heyday of traditional media. And it is even better for the reasons stated above.

And it is even better for disparity advocacy groups, especially those who are into the diversity consultancy business. Before, those fighting for social justice and equality had to contend with the owners and powers in traditional media. Most of them are complicit in the injustice pervading society.

It was difficult to get space in print or airtime, and even if you get one, chances are, it will be drowned by other advertisements which will compete for the audience’s attention. Chances are, the people will forget about them as soon as the show is over.,

But in lead generation, since you target a specific audience that most likely is interested in what you offer. And in our case, for diversity consultancy services, lead generation is just perfect. It does need to deal with powers that be to get awareness and attention. They can go directly to those who are interested and offer their services and everything to them.

Minimal cost

Engaging in traditional advertising could be costly. First, you have to buy print space in newspapers or airtime on radio or television. A small space or a few seconds of airtime could amount to a few thousand dollars to millions. For us engaged in advocacies such as diversity in the workplace, it is not practical to spend that much.

Usually, the campaign for social justice has been hampered by the lack of awareness about the problems and issues. Advocacy groups rarely receive exposure from traditional media, and most do not have the money to advertise advocacies. Advocate groups would instead spend millions of dollars could be spent wisely on important projects rather than advertising.

But by engaging in lead generation, most of those who cannot afford the cost of advertising suddenly have a chance. They do not have to spend so much money, hoping that people will notice what they offer. All they have to do is pique the public’s interest and engage with them at the right moment.

And with this approach, advocacy groups and diversity consulting services could benefit much. They can reach the public at large, the institutions, the businesses, various companies easily and without spending lots of money. Diversity consultancy groups are usually public trust, and they serve for the public good, not for profit.

So to have a great reach, to be of service to a significant number of businesses and companies, at minimum costs, is undoubtedly a tremendous boost. It is a boost for the firm and the campaign for diversity, equality, and social justice.

Better connections

Aside from advertising and offering products and services, there is an added benefit for those who engage in lead generation. Those who engage in it can build better connections with their clients, customers, and other businesses.  They can build networks that they can use to increase awareness about their business and everything they offer.

Building connections would not have been possible in earlier times. Before, all you have is those persons whom you have engaged to or transacted with. Great if they refer you to someone else, but that’s all. Usually, the engagement ends with another transaction and referral.

But now, due to social media and the internet, engagement with customers and everyone interested could lead to more exposure and generate more engagement. Connectivity in social media is so fast; you can build social networks with people and others as quickly as possible. You can promote your advocacy, have diversity in companies and communities in no time at all.

How to generate more leads

The idea for lead generation is to make your presence felt in the digital platform, create awareness as quickly as possible, and establish connections with people, potential buyers, customers, clients, and other businesses and institutions. It is the way you can maximize the opportunities and promote your product, services, advocacies.

But there are several techniques to do it. Your success in lead generation depends on those techniques and how adequately you utilize them. Since everyone is using lead generation nowadays, minor differences in applying those techniques may spell the difference in success or failure in using lead generation.

Here are some of the available techniques you can employ for lead generation:

Digital marketing

A way to generate more leads is to apply and fit what they usually do in traditional advertising and marketing to the digital world. This method is what people usually call digital marketing. Here you have a specific target audience to which you will market your product and services, and in the process, you hope that they will find interest and engage in what you offer.

You take advantage of both worlds in digital marketing. You build content online and look for some prospective buyers, customers, or clients who might be interested in your products, services, or anything you offer.

You can generate your leads by looking for cues generated by marketing leads, sales leads, product leads, and referral leads. Upon building your content, you can offer them what you have through emails, online advertising, or through websites or blogs.

In particular, you can send emails to those who already sent interest or inquiry in what you offer. It is particularly crucial for us who are engaged in diversity consultancy. By sending emails, we immediately connect with them and offer our services to help respective companies and businesses have diversity in employment and workplace.

Whether you advertise or solicit through emails, the important thing is that they land on your page. It means that you have solicited from them enough interest, enough to pay a visit to your website or a blog.  Once you have done it, you have generated a lead too. You can increase lead generation the more you engage in digital marketing.

And as you have more engagement, you will have more contacts. More, further opportunities for lead generation. More opportunities for diversity consulting business.

Websites and blogs

One of the best ways to generate interest and increase awareness for your products, services, expertise, or advocacies is by maintaining a website or blog.  Instead of actively soliciting using emails and the like, you will attract potential clients and prospects using your content.

Since you need to attract, you must post in your website or blogs as much as possible relevant content relating to the needs or interests of potential customers. You must fit the blog and site’s content to your target audience to have engagement from them.

You must fit your blog and make it informative as much as possible about diversity and how your consultancy agency can help them to be diverse as possible. It may be techniques, making policies, or forming a team of experts about diversity.

Make sure to generate interest to attract visitors and make them land on your page. It will be better if your website or blog has an auxiliary social media presence to complement what you have and generate interest among people.

Social media

Social media is ideal for generating more leads. After all, almost everyone has a social media account. Most companies, businesses, and institutions also have a social media presence, one way or another. It is a vital way to connect with their employees and personnel and other clients, customers, and potential prospects.

It is crucial, therefore, for your diversity consultancy business to have a social media account. Problems about diversity are usually aired through social media instead of the usual channels like traditional media or the usual help desk.

Your social media will also help promote whatever it is that you promote on your website or blog. And since most social media operate through algorithms in recommending content to other people, you will have exposure and engagement with others who have the same interest or issues sooner or later.

Press releases

Aside from generating leads through what we have mentioned, you can also still be engaged in others using the traditional approaches. Having press releases for your advocacy and diversity consulting business will help a lot in generating more leads.

Diversity and Inclusion Press Release Amplification Service

Our Diversity and Inclusion Press Release Amplification Service will distribute and amplify your press releases or diversity celebrations with 50,000+ diversity-valued stakeholders around the world. 70% in the United States, 15% in the UK, and 10% in Canada, and 5% in Australia.


Effective promotion of PR

Good content, having the right contacts, and proper application of strategies and methods stated above will effectively generate leads and promote your diversity consulting business.  You must have all of that for you to be able to get proper engagement and generate interest from potential clients.

Again, the type of content must suit a particular audience, including even press releases. Several press releases may cater to those interested in hiring a diversity consultancy firm.

Types of press releases

Here are the types of press releases geared towards generating leads for a diversity consultancy business:

New diversity hire

Promote your success in business by having press releases about diversity. Tell the public about how your diversity consultancy business has successfully led to hiring people belonging to the marginalized. Let the world know that your firm led others to be hired and that you can succeed in letting others be if given the opportunity.

New diversity projects

Inform every one of the latest projects and endeavors your diversity consultancy business is engaged in. Tell the public about the companies that hired your services and which ones you are helping build an inclusive environment for everyone.

By telling others, you build enough public confidence regarding your capabilities. At the same time, you increase your exposure, for some people may connect, be interested, or may have a stake or interest in those companies you are working with. It will help generate interest, which is vital in generating leads for your diversity consultancy business.

New training

Advertise the training your diversity consultancy business is conducting for a particular company. Put some general details, and tell the public about the progress. It will give the specific targeted audience a better gauge of what you can do and whether you can have a viable working relationship with some of them.

But aside from these, advertising about new training increases your exposure and will surely increase your lead generation among potential clients and customers. Companies are always looking for potential partners who can train their personnel and diversity in the workplace.

New DEI services

Issue some press releases about the latest in the DEI and other advancements in the fight for social justice and equality. Talk about how the advocacy has been faring so far and how we are making great strides in promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. An example of DEI services is cultural & Multiculturalism diversity training, Anti-racism audit.

You can talk about your diversity consultancy business’s contributions in the overall fight for DEI in connection with this. This will increase your exposure among advocacy groups throughout the net and social media. It will help establish your network among those people and institutions.

Those contacts can go a long way in generating interests and leads for your business. The diversity consulting business, as a whole, will also benefit by having leads and connections among people who lead the fight for DEI.

Overall, by publicizing through press releases, you will generate interest and leads to those truly in need of your services like the excluded, marginalized, and discriminated. More than anyone else, it is these people whom you must reach and offer your services to advance the cause of DEI.

Targeted social media promotion

Using your social media, you can promote your diversity consultancy business to other people by regularly updating it about the contents of your site, blogs, as well as through various press releases. You can also post news about you and others about being DEI consultants, and their social impact on these matters.

By posting content regularly, you will, sooner or later, come across others who may have the same interest or maybe have an actual need for your services. Other people visiting your page because of your content, making people land on your page is great for generating leads for your consultancy and advocacy.


Having events that promote your consultancy as well as advocacy is a great way too to generate interest. Events create news and buzz and will pique the interest of some. It also helps reach others whom you may not have reached through other platforms such as social media.

Create your own event

Event is news in itself, and if you have events, people will talk about it. So now and then, create events to showcase what you got. Events are also best for establishing contacts with people who might have the same interest or advocacy and fight for the exact cause.

In creating your own event, invite people who might generate interest for your business. These people might be personalities, experts, or people who had the exact cause as you are. Their status and standing in society might generate buzz, enough to make your business the talk of the town.

Interests and leads will soon follow. Using them can generate more leads for your business and your advocacy for diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Promote event to the targeted customer

Just like in PR, advertise your events to generate public interest. Make sure that you make the right pitch, especially those you target for lead generation for your diversity consultancy business.

Specifically, it would be best if you target those who need or require diversity. Some companies that do not yet have a working policy for DEI, or those having difficulties implementing their policy, could be targeted.

 Connect also with those who are in truly need of that policy. Those excluded and discriminated against also need your services, and they may provide clues about companies that might need your service.

Referrals are usually generated by establishing contacts with those that are truly interested. They are also generated by those who will stand to benefit greatly from your expertise. By connecting with them, you may be able to generate leads for your companies.

Join events created by others

Others might organize similar events. Attends those events and establishes contacts with people behind it and the guests, speakers, and the audience. The audience is essential, for they provide vital clues as to what interests them. You will get cues as to how to build content to generate more leads for your diversity consultancy business.

Join Recruiting events and network

Another way to promote your events is to join diversity events that recruit for diversity and inclusion jobs. For organizations that is looking to hire for diversity and inclusion jobs, it is clearly demonstrating a need for diversity and inclusion talents. It is the best time for you to promote your services and share with them your online diversity and inclusion professional profiles.


The fight for DEI will continue as long as inequality in society remains. We must do everything to promote it and use all the available techniques to advance the cause further. Modern technology offers a lot and allows us to reach many people at great speed and minimum cost.

Lead generation is one thing it offers. If we exploit it to the hilt, we can connect with more people, companies, and businesses. In doing so, we can further promote diversity, equity, and inclusion, not only in the workplace but also in society.

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Diversity and Inclusion Press Release Amplification Service

Our Diversity and Inclusion Press Release Amplification Service will distribute and amplify your press releases or diversity celebrations with 50,000+ diversity-valued stakeholders around the world. 70% in the United States, 15% in the UK, and 10% in Canada, and 5% in Australia.