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Our society has made significant progress in fighting for the rights of the LGBTQ community. Openness and acceptance have been on the rise, and most citizens are already aware of their rights that everyone in the community must recognize. Private and public institutions put in place measures to ensure that they are protected and that everyone complies.

An ever-growing number of companies are also hiring members from the LGBTQ community and providing safe spaces and working environments. Despite this, however, a certain percentage of the community still suffers from discrimination. Some are still not aware of their rights, and others continuously discriminate against them.

Therefore, members of the LGBTQ community must be continuously educated about LGBTQ rights so that no one will be left behind.

LGBTQ Rights: What Everybody Needs To Know

In a landmark decision in 2020, the Supreme Court stated that employees that belong to the LGBTQ community are covered by the Civil Rights Act of 1964. It means that they have protection against discrimination like others who belong to a particular race, gender, or color.

Elaborating further, they have rights to equal employment opportunities. They also enjoy protection against discrimination, disparate and adverse impacts and must have a safe working environment.

Though there are still problems owing to the recentness of the landmark ruling, all of us can address them by promoting inclusivity in the workplace. Laws and statutes are needed to ensure that inclusionary policies are in place and the violators of the law and civil rights punished.

Promoting LGBTQ in the workplace

But to further promote gender inclusivity and hiring of members of the LGBTQ community, we must help and provide practical tips to those who are recent graduates and applying for jobs.

Here are some ways to further facilitate the hiring of LGBTQ members and fight for greater diversity and inclusivity in the workplace.

Taking advantage of their experience

LGBTQ members have experiences that are unique in a lot of ways. As such, they provide different contexts and other clues to other members of the community.

LGBTQ members can turn the tables and use their unique experiences to their advantage. They can help those various companies who have wanted to promote inclusivity and diversity in the ranks. They can provide great insights into how to provide a safe and conducive environment for LGBTQ members.

Making use of their abilities

Members of the LGBTQ community are people of great skill and talent. It will be a waste if the talents and skills are not available for the good of industry, business, community, and society. LGBTQ members must be allowed without hindrance in pursuing excellence as they also search for employment and career opportunities.

It would be best if the community will highlight how to use their abilities. In doing so, the communities, institutions, and society must promote gender-sensitive policies. It will make their abilities, talents, and skills stand out. It will then facilitate more hiring of members of the LGBTQ community.

Tapping the LGBTQ network

Having persons in the community to support LGBTQ members in looking for jobs and work is a must. New grads, especially those seeking career opportunities elsewhere or outside their immediate community, must be helped. The LGBTQ community must extend a hand and support them as they move towards a new role in society.

The LGBTQ community must help its members with the ins and outs of the system and the usual things that they must do as they apply for work. They must give pointers about the usual traps, laden especially by those who are bigots and those who are against inclusionary policies.

They must give all the necessary insights to help their members avoid those pitfalls. They must do everything to help their fellows find work and employment. And we in the community must also work in tandem with them to help the members get work and career opportunities.

Be on the lookout for LGBTQ-friendly companies.

Some companies do promote inclusionary policies and promote diversity in their workforce. They are more than receptive to the presence of LGBTQ members in their companies.

Those companies are willing to work with the LGBTQ community, promote their cause, and advance their careers. They will not hesitate to tap the talents of the marginalized and use them for the benefit of society.

They must have a list of companies that are friendly to the LGBTQ community. They must promote these companies among their members. The LGBTQ community must encourage members to apply with these companies and offer their talents to benefit the company and the community.

The LGBTQ community must be in contact with these companies. They must build links with them to promote the policies that will benefit LGBTQ members. They must also work with those companies against exclusionary policies and fight bigotry and discrimination in the workplace.

Having ties with those companies will help promote the cause of the members. They will also be able to help their members find employment in those companies. Those companies, in turn, could benefit in their tie-up with the LGBTQ community. The community can promote their cause, products and patronize them and their services.

Help those companies promote policies for the benefit of LGBTQ

Members of the LGBTQ community, on the other hand, must maximize the opportunity. They can help their members in having employment in those companies. In doing so, they can also help those companies craft good policies that promote diversity and inclusivity, not only for them but for other marginalized classes, minorities, or gender.

They can help promote a good environment, for instance, and a haven and spaces for them and others. They can help in crafting rules and regulations that will ensure that there is diversity in companies. In the same manner, they can help ensure that policies against them and other minorities or gender are discarded.

And members who already made it to those companies must further educate their fellows about the need for inclusivity and diversity. They must educate others about their rights and their benefits to society if discrimination and exclusion are ended.


Members of the LGBTQ community are among the most talented in the country. Policies of exclusion and discrimination resulted in the denial of natural rights and opportunities for them. It denied them the opportunity to improve themselves and make a career out of their talent, skill, and ability.

More than this, it also deprives society of the necessary talent available to improve our society. It is such a waste that society was not able to tap those talents because of discrimination and bigotry. We must utilize the talents of the LGBTQ community for the improvement of the community, institutions, and everyone else.

But more and more companies are already promoting policies that are inclusive of the LGBTQ community. We must take advantage of it and help the members seek employment in those companies.

Society will be better off if we accord rights to everyone. It will also be better for us if we can use the talents and skills of everyone willing to contribute to society. We deprive the LGBTQ members for so long because of discrimination. It is high time for that society to end discrimination and extend support for them.

LGBTQ Job Search Tips

Job Search Tips

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