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Green-Luxury & Eco-Luxury Furniture is the latest trend in Sustainable Furniture

Eco-Luxury living is the latest trend in environmental sustainability in sustainable furniture

What is “Eco-Luxury Furniture“?

Eco-luxury describes the initiatives that luxury items such as luxury high-end living room furniture, dining room furniture are taking in order to integrate the value of sustainability into their business strategies. This term includes many different kinds of initiatives. Tiffany & Co. has eliminated coral from its line-up of products because it cannot be harvested in a sustainable way. Or living room furniture that is made of natural materials such as solid wood and eco-friendly recyclable materials.  However, not all natural solid wood materials are eco-friendly. Wood that is not sustainable is not eco-friendly, hence doesn’t really qualify as eco-luxury furniture. 

On the other hand, only the highest quality of products can be called Luxury. Recent research shows that the meaning of “better product” in the minds of consumers is now tied to the impact that its development, manufacturing, and sales have on the planet and on people. The traceability of the products that we consume is one of the concerns of the younger generation, who want to know not only where the products they buy are coming from, but also the impact that the manufacturing and sales of those products are having on the world. ‘luxury’ is not used to communicate ‘superfluous’ or merely expensive commodity but used more in the sense of the original Latin word Luxus, once used to indicate an object that was more beautiful or precious than others and would stimulate admiration and appreciation. Many people do not approve of using the word ‘luxury’ in matters relating to the environment, ecology, and sustainability. They prefer the word ‘quality’, but the quality inherent in a product or service relates more to the standardization and procedural transformation required to create it.

There are many examples of eco-luxury in other industries. For example, in the automobile industry, Tesla is a great example of eco-luxury living. Tesla produces high-end High-Technology electric cars which use green-focused fuel rather than fossil fuels. Tesla has been very successful in recent years and has attracted lots of buyers who care about the environment but also looking for high-quality products on the market. 

Another example of Eco-Luxury is from Tiffany & Co., they have recently eliminated coral from the product line because they can’t harvest them in a sustainable way. It is a great example of eco-luxury branding because it means you don’t always have to add new items to your product to become an Eco-Luxury business, you can also “Subtract” to become an eco-luxury business. 

In the case of furniture, Nos Natura is an example of Eco-Luxury & Eco-Friendly furniture. We source all our furniture from high-quality master woodworkers around the world. We ensure that the furniture and home decors are made with eco-friendly sustainable wood or natural materials only. 

Eco-Luxury Eco-Friendly Furniture Toronto Canada Nos Natura
Nos Natura Live Edge

The above is an example of our ECO-LUXURY collection. The side table and chairs are handcrafted by master woodworkers from sustainable acacia wood. Acacia wood is sustainable wood in South East Asia that is managed and governed by local governments. 

The Quality is superior and the creator is an artist cross master woodworker. It is the centrepiece of any living room, sunroom, or even an office that needs some green and art altogether. 

Nos Natura eco-luxury high-end furniture collection gallery that specializes in only the best and unique exotic furniture in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). We specialize in the beautiful dining rooms, living room, bedrooms, and sunroom furniture. Our motto is “Centerpiece your home with a masterpiece”. 

We are a trade only company mostly, but given demands from customers, we do open to the public on Friday and Saturday. 

If you are an interior designer or professional home stager, we do have a professional discount program. 

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