22 Ideas to Slow Down Aging in your Social and Professional lives

Best Anti-aging Tips online. How to live happily, successfully, and with energy to live fulfilling lives in our retirement, semi-retirement, and social & professional lives?

Our generation is the first generation that has to worry about lives after retirement or even working in our senior year. Generations before us, the average age has been around 30 to 40 years for thousands of years across the world. Most people who lived before us would never reach the age of 50, thinking about how to live after the age of 50 was unthinkable.

and of course they wouldn’t need to think about how to sustain their lives in their senior years.

And more they wouldn’t even imagine that they need to slow down their ageing – so they can improve the quality of lives in senior retirement or semi-retirement years!

We are different, not only we are blessed with the opportunities to enjoy our lives longer, we have more time to accomplish professional and social goals of our lives, we have resources and time to plan and be successulful.

As a diversity professionals and career leader, we provide equal opportunities for anyone to perform and contribute to our society. We also have tips and ideas how to support senior professionals to stay energize and enjoy a professional life without having aging in the way!

Top Tips to start Aging and do Aging Right!

We have collected a list of good ideas from aging experts and we want to share them with you. The tips are randomly organized, and you pick the ones that resonate with you!

Our principle is to reduce stress and add nutrients to your body, so your mind and body stop spending energy worrying about you and age!

Become a morning Person

A good habit of waking up early aligns your biological clock to the natural clock. Don’t fight your bio-systems and add stress to your body.

Don’t Skip Meals

What it means is don’t stop eating when your body thinks it is going to get food. Additional stress will cause aging.

Breathe moving air

Make sure your home or work areas are fully ventilated, so you get fresh and clean air when your body needs some. Dead air literally has less oxygen and add ageing stress.

Drink Filtered Water

According to research, there are many different contaminants in the water and over 94% of them are harmful to your body and increase cancer risks. A simple filtration system can remove many of these harmful substance for you. Less cancer, longer life. As simple as that.

Wear Face Masks

Many of us have got used to wear a face masks since COVID happens. The benefit of wearing a face mask, whether it is a medical grade, N95, or just a clothe face mask, is the same. A face mask acts as a block for any harmful materials to enter your system. The effectiveness of a face mask varies depends on the material, but even a simple paper tissue would block something. It is just simple physics! Here is a simply funny meme from SFGates that explain the simple physics!

Remove some minor conveniences from your life

We are not asking you to get rid of your car and walk everything, nor asking you to raise your own chicken. What we mean is make your lives a tiny bit more active by removing some basic convenience. For example, since you have more time in your senior age, clean your own dishes instead of using a dishwasher. Walk to your next golf hole instead of taking a cart.

Put on sunscreens

Solar light from sunlight is one of the major causes of skin ageing. Simply putting on some sunscreens with effective UVA and UVB protection will prevent additional stress on your screen and let them stay moisturized.

Forgive to Live

None of our lives are smooth with no challenges, sometimes someone did us wrong and we hold grudge against them. When you enter your senior year, or leave that job that you dislike, or start to appreciate the remaining of your life more, it is also time to forgive, and forget.

Studies also found that forgivness can have a positive effect on your immune system and your heart, because not continue to feel bad or negatively about something will remove stress to your heart and body.

Write a journal when you are not happy

Someone calls it a Worry-Journal, or a Negative-Journal, but the objective of a worry journal is to give you a place to dump your negative thoughts out.

Stay Hydrated and drink lots of water

Do I need to explain this? Yes, please drink lots of water for your body. If you want to know more why we need to drink water?

Hug More

Studies shows that physically hugging can help with depression, and even improve our immune system. Touch is one of our five senses that we developing and hugging someone can help release oxytocin.

Improve your balance

Falling and hurting the body is a big danger to our body in our senior life. When we are younger, our bone density and muscles are much stronger and can endure the falls. However, it is a lot more harmful when we get older when we start to lose bone density naturally. The good news is that falling is preventable with better balances. A simple way to do it is to practice standing on one leg gradually with support, the more you practice, the better you can balance yourself.

Strength Exercise

CDC confirms that strength and weight exercise are good for adults and seniors. We talk about stress a lot right? one way for us to be not affected by stress is to increase our tolerance to stress. Weight exercises can help us build stronger muscles to endure unplanned stresses to our body.

Adopt a pet, cat or dog

Having a pet companion helps with the quality of our senior lives. Researchers even suggest that being around a dog is enough to have positive effects on the bacteria in your gut microbiome. If keeping a dog is too much, you can consider walking your neighbor’s dog for a start, or volunteer at a shelter.

Have a Stronger Grip

Researches found that Lower grip strength is associated with cancer. Correlation between the measurements of HGS and SMI is strong but the concordance between dynapenia and muscle mass loss is poor. Further studies should be performed to confirm the diagnostic thresholds, and to study the chronology of dynapenia and loss of muscle mass.

Keep your Teeth Healthy

Clean, Healthy, and strong teeth not only keep your mouth from disease and bacteria, but it also allows you to enjoy food in your senior age. Imagine a life that you have everything, but you can’t enjoy the food that you like such as steak, lobster, bread because of the health of your teeth. Such life challenge can reduce your quality of life drastically.

Eat more Vegetable

Well. I am not an expert, but thousands of experts confirm and prove that eating vegetable is good.

Don’t Over Eat

Don’t over eat to stress your digestive system in your senior age. You have stress the digestive system for 60 years, now is time for it to relax and enjoy the senior age the same way you deserve.

Stand more

Slouging and sitting down will disrupt the blood circulations in your body. Standing up can help the blood circulation, as well as keeping your lower body healthy.


The list above is not exhaustive in any sense, but i found them to be a short list of the most important and productive to have a happy life in our aging phase.

For those who thrive for equity and needs, you may work professionally or semi-professionally after passing your retirement age, one way to prove yourself is to demonstrate your contributions to your employers that you are as competitive and productive to younger co-workers.

In my opinion, havin a healthy and energizing aging body is exactly the best proof of that.

Anti-Aging FAQ

How to Slow Down Aging in Retirement or Senior Working Age?

  • Become a morning Person
  • Don’t Skip Meals
  • Breathe moving air
  • Drink Filtered Water
  • Wear Face Masks
  • Remove some minor conveniences from your life
  • Put on sunscreens
  • Forgive to Live
  • Write a journal when you are not happy
  • Stay Hydrated and drink lots of water
  • Hug More

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How to Stay Active in Retirement?

  • Become a morning Person
  • Don’t Skip Meals
  • Breathe moving air
  • Drink Filtered Water
  • Wear Face Masks
  • Remove some minor conveniences from your life
  • Put on sunscreens
  • Forgive to Live
  • Write a journal when you are not happy
  • Stay Hydrated and drink lots of water
  • Hug More

Learn more best Anti-Aging ideas at Diversity.Social

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