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Brand Build: Building Brand Loyalty and Perceptions

Brand Building is essential in building a diverse and inclusive company

What is Brand Building?

Before we talk about what is Brand Building, here are some statistics:

  • Digital marketing and social media marketing are the only two mediums that marketers expect to spend a higher proportion of their budget on over the next two years
  • Almost two in five marketing managers think that social media is the most effective medium for building customer engagement.
  • Four in five marketing professionals believe new technologies will drive change in their marketing strategy in the next five years
  • Two in three marketing managers believe that digital and social media are the best channels for building a brand

In this article, we will share how to build brand identity and brand perceptions for diverse and inclusive companies. Also, we will discuss exercises to discover your culture and show you how to develop a brand board.

Your brand identity is essentially how you portray yourself to your customers. For many diverse and inclusive employers, they care about the brand identity of existing and potential employees, they would build Diversity and Inclusion (DEI) as part of their brand identity. When you combine all of the assets in this section you will have a collection of materials that define who you are as a brand.

Remember though, in terms of diversity, it is not just black employees as the media mostly categorizing diversity to in their coverage, it actually includes other diversity groups and types such as indigenous, BIPOC, Gender and sexual orientations like LGBTQs.

On the other hand, your brand image is how your customers actually perceive your company. Although you have less control over your image, if you are consistent in your identity, beliefs, values, and promise, you will have your desired result! You need to be consistent with your brand image to create a strong brand perception.  Altering your brand’s identity can confuse customers and give them the impression that your company could change at any moment. This volatility isn’t good for business, since customers want to feel secure in their investments. Once you’ve created a solid logo and brand image, stick with it. 

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About the author

Jess Man

Jessica is the Editor-in-Chief and Senior Diversity Advisor at Diversity Social. Jessica has over 10 years of working with and advising employers to be more diverse and create an inclusive working environment.
Jessica's experience spans private and non-profit sectors in multiple industries.
Jessica's expertise experience is beyond Diversity & Inclusion, she is also a certified professional IT recruiter in Data & Analytics, Database administration, Artificial Intelligence area.