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Improving gender parity in the French filming industry

Basketball star Liz Cambage criticizes lack of diversity in Australian Olympic team's promotional photos

Gender Equity News in France

Improving gender parity in the French filming industry

What is Gender Parity? Gender Parity refers to the statistical representation of men and women in a given group. The stuntman industry is historically dominated by males. With the rise of more and more female superhero movies on the big screen, this French stunt school trains ‘badass’ women for the film industry. In 2015, almost 200 member countries of the United Nations made the commitment to set a target aiming to achieve gender equality, and to empower women and girls by year 2030. To learn more, here are some Gender Equality Articles.

LGBTQ2+ News in Germany


German Catholic Priests Defy Pope Francis With Public Blessings of Gay Couples

There are about 29 countries in the world right now where same-sex marriage is legal. The Netherlands was the first country in the world that took the lead back in 2001, then came Belgium and Canada, and most recently, Taiwan made history by being the first place in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage. In Germany, the Catholic clergy is now slowly planning a movement. Here are 68 Important LGBTQ Organizations You Must Know.

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#StopAsianHate Diversity & Inclusion News in Canada

Celebrate Asian Heritage Month

The month of May is Asian Heritage Month. It’s time to pause to show acknowledgement and appreciation to Asian-Canadian’s contribution to Canada since 1700s. From Chinese immigrants arriving in Canada to build Canada’s first transcontinental railway – Canadian Pacific Railway, to Canadians of South Asian descent working in the lumber, mining & agricultural industries, to Canadians of Filipino descent to fill the labour shortage in nursing and care providing services, and much much more. Check out Events in Asian Canadian History and the challenges they have faced in the history of Canada. Here are some Anti-Asian racism resources to help you. Canada hasn’t always been a country of inclusion. Here is the Canadian Struggle for Inclusion from the perspective of Asian Canadians.

Ethnic and Sports Diversity News in Australia

CNN News

Basketball star Liz Cambage criticizes lack of diversity in Australian Olympic team’s promotional photos

Australia has been a world leader in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. In recent promotional photos of the Australian Olympic Team, there has been criticism on the lack of racial diversity shown.

COVID/Disability Inclusion News in the USA

Long COVID Sufferers Are Seeking Disability Benefits. Will They Change the System?

People who are tested COVID-positive or recovering from the illness often experience long-lasting and damaging effects on their health. They become unable to work in full time or normal capacity, leading to the demand for disability benefits. This is how COVID presents challenges to the disability systems in the US.

Asian woman in New York City hit with hammer by stranger who demanded she take her mask off

It’s been reported by the police that there is a 400% increase in hate crimes against Asians compared to this time last year. In New York, another Asian was attacked, this time hit with a hammer just because she, like everyone else, was wearing a mask to protect herself and others during the pandemic.

Accessibility for People with Disabilities News in the UK

Disability access: Ramsgate man fights to improve town

It is time for our governments to start thinking about incorporating accessibility and inclusion for people with disabilities in our city planning and infrastructure in the longer term. A man with disability in UK is launching a petition to call for changes to roads and pavements to enhance accessibility for all. Furthermore, here is Your Guide to Hiring People with Disability (PWD).

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