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46% of all schools have no BAME (Black, Asian, Minority Ethnics) teachers in UK

and Just 1 in 100 teachers are Indigenous in Australia

Diversity & Cultural Celebration Dates this week

  • February 25-26: Purim
  • February 26: Lantern Festival
  • February 27: Maghi-Purnima
  • Last Wednesday of February: Pink Shirt Day

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Diversity & Inclusion news in Education

46% of all schools in England have no BAME teachers – UK

A new study by UCL Institute of Education (IOE) finds that 46% of all schools in England have no Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) teachers, and even in ethnically diverse schools, BAME teachers are underrepresented in senior leadership teams.

SIUE names Harris vice chancellor for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion – US

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville Chancellor Randy Pembrook has named Jessica Harris, PhD, as the University’s first vice chancellor for equity, diversity and inclusion (VCEDI) after a national search which began in mid-October 2020.

Diversity & Inclusion news: Indigenous

Native American and Indigenous Peoples FAQs – US

  • Who are Indigenous peoples?
  • What is the proper terminology: Indigenous, Indigenous Peoples, Native American, or American Indian?
  • What is land acknowledgement and why is it important?
  • How does the United States define Indigenous Peoples/American Indians?

To learn more about Native American and Indigenous Affairs, UCLA has put together some frequently asked questions.

Just 1 in 100 teachers are Indigenous. That’s a problem — and it affects kids, too – Australia

In 2015, in primary and secondary Australian schools, 5.3 percent of students are Indigenous, yet in the teaching workforce only 1 percent identify as Indigenous. At another school of 100 teaching staff, despite 11 percent of students are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, only three teachers identify as Indigenous. Some teachers expressed they aren’t open about their background because they’re worried about being labelled.

Cultural Diversity- How & Why Diverse Culture Makes Our World Better?

In recent years, racial and cultural issues have been the highlight of many news channels and online discussion platforms. Even though many believe the media may be blowing things out of proportion for rating, these discriminations are still a harsh reality for many people.

Diversity & Inclusion news: LGBTQ2+

Storyteller Ivan Coyote to perform ‘Eye, Heart, You’ for Alberta LGBTQ students – Canada

The COVID pandemic has been hard on students. The rates of depression increased for students, especially those who are LGBTQ+.

Canadian writer, spoken-word performer and LGBTQ advocate, Ivan Coyote, was asked by the Alberta Teachers’ Association to perform on the subject for junior high and high school students and teachers. Ivan Coyote is a writer and storyteller born and raised in Whitehorse, Yukon.

Diversity & Inclusion news: Government

Committee urged to consider diversity, action on systemic racism in B.C.’s Police Act revision – Canada

Has your government or workplace started taking action to be the leader in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion? Read more here.

Navy has fallen short in addressing lack of diversity, task force says – US

The Navy’s efforts to improve equality have clearly fallen short of “addressing the societal challenges of today,” a military task force created following the nation’s racial reckoning found. Task Force One Navy issued dozens of recommendations on Wednesday after months of evaluating the military branch’s diversity and inclusion practices.

Diversity & Inclusion news in Business & Sports

Credit to CNN and photographer.

NASCAR’s first Arab American female driver to make her debut at Daytona International Speedway

Toni Breidinger has become the first Arab American female driver to participate in a NASCAR national series, according to NASCAR. She will be competing in a limited ARCA Menards Series and NASCAR Camping World Truck Series schedule beginning with the 2021 ARCA season-opener on Feb. 13 at Daytona International Speedway.

What is the Glass Ceiling?

Feminists originally used the term glass ceiling. Glass ceiling applies to all women who have to compromise their salaries and work position because they are women. They are judged solely based on their gender and not on their abilities and capacities to be productive and to excel at their jobs.

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