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How to Eliminate Gender Pay Gap? Diageo Australia has done it

Gender news in Australia, Canaada, US

Diversity and Inclusion news: Gender

Diageo Australia HRD on diversity and inclusion: ‘This is the sort of stuff you dream of’ [Australia]

The maker of well-known brands like Smirnoff, Guinness and Gordon’s gin, Diageo’s products are a drinks cabinet staple for most Australians.

See how Diageo Australia has already eliminated its gender pay gap, as well as bringing parity to the executive team and senior leadership team.

Canada’s new gender-diversity disclosure requirements [Canada]

Are we making a difference?

Women made up more than one-third of all new appointments to the boards of Canada’s 100 largest publicly traded companies in the last six years, finds ‘Are we making a difference?’ a new research report conducted by KPMG in Canada. Almost all now have at least one female director, a jump of nearly 30 per cent since the country’s ‘Comply or Explain’ gender diversity mandate came into effect in 2014.

Diversity and Inclusion news: Government

Department of the Air Force (US) institutes Office of Diversity and Inclusion

The Department of the Air Force, in support of both the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Space Force, stood up the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Jan. 11.

The office is a cross-functional team of military and civilian Air and Space professionals that represents communities across both services and applies subject matter expertise to the changes being considered. Members represent different ranks and perspectives, both minority and majority groups, whose sole focus is to make changes that create an equitable environment for all Department of the Air Force personnel.

Feds eye legislative changes to foster greater diversity in Public Service [Canada]

The Canadians are eyeing changes to the law governing public service hiring to help make federal departments and agencies more diverse. They also plan to do further research on the makeup of the federal public service and will try to hire more senior leaders with varied backgrounds.

Lawyers have long pushed for greater gender and racial diversity at law firms, corporate legal departments and in the court system. But the industry still lags other professions.

Diversity and Inclusion news: Revisiting your D&I policies

SAP and IBM redraw diversity policies [Technology]

Executives from the two companies told the Reuters Next conference the social upheaval sparked by the killing of George Floyd by a U.S. policeman had spilled into the workplace, challenging prevailing ideas about workplace discrimination. Tech firms SAP and IBM said they had redrawn their human resources policies after last year’s Black Lives Matter protests, improving recruitment and acting to address issues of race more openly in the workplace.

Diversity and Inclusion news: Indigenous

Vaccinating knowledge keepers part of effort to preserve Indigenous identity in Manitoba

Bird, 71, is a knowledge keeper and part of a larger group of traditional Indigenous healers who have offered vital support as COVID-19 has spread through First Nations communities across Canada.

WATCH | Knowledge keeper explains role of traditional medicine teachers.

Widening the circle for Indigenous people

How to increase opportunities for Indigenous people in the workplace?

See Deloitte’s diversity report to answer the question.

Diversity and Inclusion news: LGBTQ2+

What is Victoria’s gay conversion bill and why are some seeking an ‘urgent pause’?

A bill banning gay conversion practices looks set to pass the Upper House in State Parliament today. So what is it? And why are some seeking to change the legislation?

The Change or Suppression (Conversion) Practices Prohibition bill makes it illegal to try to change or suppress a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity in Victoria, Australia.

Diversity and Inclusion news: BIPOC

North Perth residents plan to display their support of BIPOC community members

An online study group with about 20 different people from several different local churches read the book and began an ongoing discussion about racism. The message the study group took from the book was – what are you going to do about it?

What BIPOC supports have you seen in your communities?

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