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If You’re Expecting Diversity & Inclusion Leaders To Fix Workplace Racism, Think Again

Dec 31, 2020 Diversity Newsletter

A lot has happened in year 2020, especially with regards to Black Lives Matter demonstrations one after another. Companies are spending more than ever effort and investment in building diverse, inclusive and antiracist workplace. What challenges would companies encounter even with the additional Diversity & Inclusion Leaders in place?

Top News: Disability Inclusion in the workplace creates opportunities for all

While 63% of the national population was employed in 2019, only 19% of people with a disability had jobs in U.S. Inclusion is more than hiring people from varying backgrounds into certain jobs, it is also extended to expanding diversity into all levels in your organization. It is to create a workplace culture that values different points of views, ideas and voices. Where can you discover opportunities in your workplace?

Building Inclusion: Understanding LGBTQ+ barriers in the workplace

Want to learn more on progress in the LGBTQ+ community, the impact of gender identification in workplace communication, preferred terminology and definitions, and resources to share with employers? Here is a free workshop on Thursday, Jan. 21, from 12-1 p.m., and is free to the public and business representatives.

Women Leadership Diversity & Inclusion news

Have you noticed that one-fifth of the OECD countries have a female head of government?

The book by OECD “Fostering Diversity for Inclusive Growth – Women, Government and Policy Making in OECD Countries” provides comparative data and policy benchmarks on women’s access to public leadership and inclusive gender-responsive policy-making across OECD countries.

Black Lives Matter Diversity & Inclusion news

Two US police officers linked to a notorious raid in which young black medic Breonna Taylor was fatally shot could soon be dismissed from their positions, US media report.

Breonna Taylor: Two officers linked to medic’s death could be dismissed

Disabilities Diversity & Inclusion news

“When you consider the fact that there are talent shortages and at the same time there are people with disabilities who are underemployed, it seems logical that employing these individuals would be a win-win,” said Sriram Narayanan, Kesseler Family Endowed Faculty Fellow and professor of supply chain management. “There is a need for organizations to broaden and diversify the pool of individuals that they’re hiring.” How disability diversity in the workplace can improve productivity?

Indigenous Diversity & Inclusion news

A Canadian Doctor creates award for Indigenous medical students in son’s memory. “They will have a better understanding of their communities than an outsider like me.”

The Indigenous Physicians Association of Canada was formed to encourage and support First Nations, Metis and Inuit youth wishing to become medical doctors, to support those already in training or practice and to promote the work of its members in their many capacities and disciplines. The Association also supports Indigenous health initiatives at community and university levels and wishes to promote health for all Indigenous peoples, mentally, physically, intellectually, and emotionally.

Diversity & Inclusion news in U.S.

The U.S. population is getting more and more diverse in terms of race, ethnicity and culture. Having a broad and diverse workforce that is reflective of the U.S. population can improve medical care quality for all. Diversity goes beyond race, ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation, etc. Here is the famous secondary interview question: “How would you contribute to the diversity of our institution and the medical profession?” What diversity can you bring to the table?

Diversity & Inclusion news in U.K.

COVID-19 must not delay Diversity and Inclusion

In 2020, COVID has changed a lot of things in the economy, business and community. Constructions have paused, projects have been postponed, businesses are trying to stay afloat. COVID has impacted us all. Chair David Isaac (The Equality and Human Rights Commission) wrote to U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson about the human rights and equality considerations in responding to the coronavirus pandemic.

In March, the Government Equalities Office and the Equality and Human Rights Commission suspended the enforcement of the Gender Pay Gap Report due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Let’s see why COVID-19 must not delay Diversity and Inclusion.

The virtual scrapbook company Pinterest is paying out a record $20m (£15m) to settle a gender discrimination lawsuit brought by a female executive who had alleged she was fired after “speaking out about the rampant discrimination, hostile work environment, and misogyny” at the San Francisco firm. Pinterest pays $20m to settle gender discrimination lawsuit

Diversity & Inclusion news in Canada

Diversity & Inclusion news in Australia

Diversity & Inclusion news in New Zealand

New Zealand has just elected one of the most diverse parliaments in the world. Here’s how it stacks up.

Almost half are women, a record in New Zealand. Last election, 38% of MPs were women.


More than one out of 10 parliamentarians are LGBTQ, the highest proportion in New Zealand’s history.


One fifth are Māori, New Zealand’s Indigenous people. That’s higher than the general population, but the lowest proportion in Parliament since 2014.


Eight of Ardern’s 20-strong cabinet — the highest-ranked lawmakers — are also women, and a quarter are Māori. Deputy Prime Minister Grant Robertson will be the first openly gay politician to hold that role in New Zealand. And foreign minister Nanaia Mahuta, who wears a moko kauae or traditional Māori face tattoo, is the first Indigenous woman in New Zealand’s history to represent the country in that position.

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