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Best Higher education Job Board for university jobs and college jobs

Best Higher Education Job Boards Sites for University and College Jobs

What is it like to work in a University or College? Where and top Job Boards / Sites to find higher education job, University Jobs, and College Jobs (reviews)

Having a job in a higher education institution has a lot of expectations to fulfill. You must uphold the values and identity of the institution you are working in. It also requires you to be a good influence on students and your coworkers. Most of our early years we spend in school. But what does it take to work in the academe or a higher education setting?

What is Higher Education?

Higher education, called tertiary education or post-secondary education, is a type of education after secondary education. It is a study that provides a diploma or certificate of higher studies after the end of your chosen course. It includes the undergraduate level and postgraduate level.

The institutions are not limited to universities and colleges but also professional schools such as law and medicine. It also includes academies, seminaries, business schools, institutes of technology, and vocational schools known to provide degrees. The activities are usually for teaching, research, applied work, and social services.

Best Higher education Job Board for university jobs and college jobs

Benefits of working in Higher Education Sector.

The usual benefits of a regular employee, including but are not limited to annual leave, medical insurance, life insurance, retirement benefits, and paid time off. Usually, most have, but working in a higher education institution has more advantages than you can think.


The value of training in a higher education institution is different. In this setting, career and personal development are essential. Working in an education setting requires all the employees to be role models and hunger for growth. Therefore, education and training are vital, and it makes sure that every employee can achieve their maximal potential in terms of their career.

Working Hours

The job in the higher education institution is demanding and done mostly over time. The good thing is most work schedules here are flexible. It depends on your employment status. There are part-time work and flexible working opportunities for job sharing.

University Facilities

Another perk of having to work in a university is to have the chance to use the facilities of the students. The on-site campus facilities include the libraries, sports center, gym, musical events, and others at a discounted price. It is a wide range of amenities that depends on how large and advanced your university where you are working.

Equality and diversity

It is expected in a university to have a lot of students. Thus, a university encompasses all ranges and kinds of age, gender, race, and religion. Inclusivity is what every school promotes. It is how diversified and welcoming a higher education setting is. You can expect that even the recruitment and working environment see past all of this and has a progressive stance.

Academic benefits

As mentioned, that career development is vital in higher education, benefits to academics are also included. Working in a university gives you top-class facilities and a better academic environment for further studies, like a master’s or doctorate, and applying for research funding. It is a perk that usually comes with discounts.

Types of work in Higher Education Insitutions

There are many facilities in a higher education institution that kets them provide a wide range of job. Having or good education background or not, you can still find a job in any university.

Academic and research jobs in Higher Ed.

It is expected that all the work revolves around teaching and research. Teaching includes lecturing, facilitating activities, student care, and making curriculum and course design. Researching includes conducting studies, implementation, and presentation to other professionals and students. Almost all of these jobs require PhD-level candidates with at least one PhD degree. The example of jobs in this type of work are:

  • Professors
  • Assistant professors
  • Researchers
  • Research assistant
  • Academic staff

Professional and administrative jobs in Higher Ed.

It is the type of job that caters to all the needs of the institution and the students. It includes career advice services, student welfare, student records, cashier, inquiries, and among other things. The day-to-day operation of the institution is involved here. The example of this type of jobs are:

  • Administrative staff
  • Human resource staff
  • Finance staff or payroll assistant
  • Cashier
  • Accountants or accounting assistant
  • Secretaries
  • Guidance counselor
  • Guidance assistant

Jobs for University facilities

Universities that have a large area have a lot of staff to fill. It depends on how large and advanced the university. The type of job included here are those responsible for the maintenance, security, and cleanliness of the facilities and the whole university. It may include:

  • Facilities staff or maintenance staff
  • Porters
  • Caterers
  • Security staff or guards
  • Janitors or sweepers
  • Gardeners

Technical jobs in Higher Ed.

A type of job that requires a lot of skills and hands-on work. These include staff that lends a hand to the researchers and the academic staff. These also include the laboratories and the information technology systems. It is their job to provide skills and knowledge as a support to those in teaching and researching as well as for the needs of the students. This job may include:

  • Technicians
  • IT specialist
  • Laboratory assistants
  • Editors
  • Cooks
  • Director of communications
  • Staff for public relations
  • Staff
  • Designer

Other Staff

Here include the workers for those additional amenities for food, leisure, or entertainment. It includes those that have their area of specific expertise. These may include:

  • Food stand vendor
  • Waiters and staff of a cafe
  • Technician of cinema
  • Technical staff for a Concert hall

Characteristics of a candidate for Higher Education institution work

Working in a higher education institution requires a lot of skills, knowledge, and a good attitude. It expects that all the values the institution upholds and promote can be found in their employees. Thus, many factors are expected for a candidate if you want to work in the higher education setting.

Extensive Educational Background

Most jobs in universities and colleges are mainly for teaching and research, it requires you to have a good background in terms of education. It depends on the educational background a job requires, but a job that entails a lot of knowledge and skills, expects a candidate to have a higher degree in terms of education.

  • Bachelor’s degree: It can land a job that is mainly for administrative services. It includes work such as maintenance, daily office activities such as email handling and bookkeeping, assists in research and teaching, and other administrative and assistant jobs.
  • Master’s Degree: with this type of education attainment, a candidate can apply for a job that is more specific and has a wide responsibility. It includes leadership positions such as human resource managers, recruitment strategists, guidance counselors, and professors with a teaching unit.
  • Doctoral Degree: With this type of education attainment, it can have a job much wider and larger responsibility than with a master’s degree. It also includes leadership roles such as managerial level but also includes a higher position in terms of teaching such as being the Dean of a department. They have more knowledge on research that can help the students.

Passion for Career and Personal Development

A great candidate for work in a higher education institution needs someone who gives importance to growth and development that can also help the institution. Whether you are in a teaching, research, or administrative job, A candidate who takes his/her studies for further steps is more likely to enrich their lives in the higher educational institution.

Also expect a lot of training, technical or non-technical, that can enhance how you communicate, socialize, do your tasks, manage, and even leadership. It comes with making you achieve your highest potential as an individual together with the institution.

Involvement in other cultural offerings

The calendar in a higher education institution has a lot of activities and events. You should be flexible in terms of time and are open to all cultural offerings that the institution offers. It may include a classical concert, panel discussion, campaigns, and volunteer events. There is fun in all these things and gives an enriching experience.

Being part of something bigger.

It is not just about teaching, researching, and business around the campus, it is also about giving and providing to those who are in need and to the whole community. Most institutions are nonprofit. It includes a mission about making an impact on the world. Aside from bagging awards and achievements, it can also be from fundraising events and volunteer events.

Working in a higher education institution is a fun and fulfilling job. It gives you the opportunity for growth and development, and to socialize and influence others through your work. Always strive and be the best person you can be in working in a higher education institution.

How much to post a faculty & Administration job in a University or College?

Higher Ed & Research JobsUSD $126.00 for 60 days
Diversity Social Higher Eds Job boardUSD $69.00 and up for 60 days.
HigherEdJobsUSD $345.00 for 60 days.
Times Higher Eds Uni Jobs£999.00 for 60 days
Chronicle of Higher EducationUSD $435.00 for basic. USD $634 for Diversity jobs
Insider Higher EducationUSD $349.00 – $749.00

Which Universities, Colleges, & Higher Ed Organizations are hiring now?

Higher Ed & Research Jobs @ [Global]

higher ed jobs

As the name implied, is a premium (BUT COST EFFECTIVE!) job board for higher education jobs in Universities, Colleges, and all other higher education institutions in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

Higher-Ed-Research specializes in research jobs, higher ed administration jobs, and also teaching jobs as well. They have a large niche audience around the world which promotes academic mobilities such as an European professor / research looking for a research job in Australia.

Since 2018, the job board has pivoted and expanded to focus on Ph.D. Jobs and Research Jobs.

Jess M.

Global Reach
International job opportunities
Low cost
Niche Focus
Job postings available on Google Job Search Engine
PhD Jobs
Research Jobs

Inside Higher Education [United States]

Focusing on higher-education jobs including administration and faculty jobs. Inside Higher Ed is the online source for news, opinion and jobs for all of higher education. Whether you’re an administrator or a faculty member, a grad student or a vice president, we’ve got what you need to thrive professionally: breaking news and feature stories, provocative daily commentary, career advice and practical tools to advance your career.

Higher education Job Posting costs range from $349 to $749 . If you want to have a diversity-focused job posting, the cost is $595 per job posting.

Diversity Social Higher Ed Job Board [Worldwide]

Unlike any typical higher-education job boards, Diversity Social job board covers diversity, sustainability, and higher-education jobs and many more. The difference between Diversity Social and other higher-education job boards is it leads with diversity and inclusion, then followed by the high educational vertical. Not only the Diversity Social Higher-Ed job posting site, every HR teams in University / College should keep all the job boards on this article in their back pockets.

The advantage of hiring higher-education university or college jobs at Diversity Social is that it helps you to attract talent who isn’t focusing on finding work in the higher education sector, but looking for a social justice diverse work environment. Many visionary higher education leaders and administrators realize that getting talent from outside the typical higher-education industry can bring in a diversity of thoughts and experience, to improve creativity and experience.

Job Posting starting at USD $69.00 only

The Diversity Social Higher Eds job board is good for Universities who opts for lower cost options and don’t have the hiring volumes to justify premium job boards. It is a balanced and effective way to promote higher education job vacancies without adding pressure to hiring budgets.

Jobs.Diversity.Social Job Board

Top Job Board Review

Diversity Focused
Jobs searching on Google Jobs search Engine

Times Higher Eds University Jobs [United Kingdom]

THE is the data provider underpinning university excellence in every continent across the world. As the company behind the world’s most influential university ranking, and with almost five decades of experience as a source of analysis and insight on higher education, we have unparalleled expertise on the trends underpinning university performance globally. Our data and benchmarking tools are used by many of the world’s most prestigious universities to help them achieve their strategic goals.

For nearly five decades, the THEunijobs team has been working to match the right people with the right skills to the right universities, across academia, leadership and administration. We are delighted that at THE, we offer all the crucial elements to help universities improve – and central to all of that is our focus on talent.

Price to post a job: £999

Higher Ed Recruitment Consortium (HERC) [United States]

The Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (HERC) is a non-profit consortium of colleges, universities, hospitals, research labs, government agencies, and related non- and for-profit organizations, committed to diversifying the pipeline of faculty, staff, and executives in academia. HERC supports our member institutions in recruiting and retaining outstanding and diverse employees. The great thing about HERC is you can post 10 jobs for free, but for bulk posting, some potential development hours at $150/ hour will be charged.


Founded in 1996, HigherEdJobs is the leading source for jobs and career information in academia. More colleges and universities trust HigherEdJobs to recruit faculty and administrators than any other source. Each month our site is visited by more than 1.5 million higher education professionals who rely not only on our comprehensive list of jobs, but also on our news and career advice.

Price for posting a job : $345 to post your job for up to 60 days

Chronicle of Higher Education

The Chronicle, a privately owned, independent news and information organization, was founded in 1966 and originally owned by a nonprofit, Editorial Projects in Education. EPE sold The Chronicle in 1978 to Jack Crowl and Corbin Gwaltney, and The Chronicle of Higher Education Inc. was formed. Gwaltney bought the entire company in 1990, and until his death in July, 2019, was co-chair of its board of directors, along with his wife and current chair, Pamela Gwaltney. The Chronicle of Higher Education Inc. publishes The Chronicle of Higher EducationThe Chronicle of PhilanthropyArts & Letters Daily, and The Chronicle Review.

Basic job Posting for one job: $435 ; Diversity boost to attract diversity Talent $634

University Affairs — Jobs and advice for would-be university teachers

What are good job hiring job boards or sites for higher-education and university jobs?

How much to post a Higher-Education Job?

Research & Higher Education JobsUSD 129.00 for 60 days
Diversity Social Higher Education JobsUSD $69.00 and up for 60 days.
HigherEdJobsUSD $345.00 for 60 days.
Times Higher Eds Uni Jobs£999.00 for 60 days
Chronicle of Higher EducationUSD $435.00 for basic. USD $634 for Diversity jobs
Insider Higher EducationUSD $349.00 – $749.00

What are the benefits of working in higher education Institution, Universities, Colleges?

  • Training
  • Working Hours
  • University Facilities
  • Equality and diversity
  • Academic benefits

What types of jobs are in Universities, colleges and higher education institutions?

  • Academic and research jobs in Higher Ed.
  • Professional and administrative jobs in Higher Ed.
  • Jobs for University facilities
  • Technical jobs
  • Other Staff
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