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Where to Find PhD Jobs and Search Research Job Vacancies (PhD Job Board Review)?

The Complete Job Search guide to hire Ph.D. talent for research jobs in America, Europe, Australia, UK, Canada, and worldwide

If you are looking to recruit PhD-level talent, there are a few things you need to do. The following article will give you some ideas on finding and attracting the best of the best.

What is a PhD?

A Ph.D., or doctor of philosophy degree, is typically a three to four-year graduate education program. A Ph.D. candidate typically takes anywhere from 10 to 12 courses and completes a thesis. After the coursework, and based on their performance and thesis topic, a candidate will be awarded either a doctorate or master’s degree. A Ph.D. candidate will also have to pass a series of examinations.

Types of Work for PhD Job Seekers

Some PhD job seekers are looking for specific types of work, such as academic research. Most candidates, however, are open to a variety of work. Here are some of the promising fields the PhD can look into.

Post Doc Fellow

Postdocs are usually hired to do research work instead of teaching academic courses and may be required to perform administrative tasks. Postdocs are also required to publish research papers in prestigious journals. 

Many people see postdoctoral fellowships as stepping stones towards senior positions in academe or industry.

Research and Development in Universities

Research and development in universities are typically composed of a variety of areas. These areas may include engineering, natural sciences, social sciences, medicine, and arts and humanities. Most universities have ongoing research projects in these areas.

Most candidates pursuing PhD degrees in different academic subjects can apply for posts working at this level. With the proper credentials, they may even be able to advance to tenured professor positions.

Research and Development in Commercial Product Development

The vital role of research and development in commercial product development is to develop new products, improve the existing ones, or adopt current technology.

Research and development departments are also responsible for understanding the customer needs. Most R&D departments today are looking for an opportunity to broaden their horizons by crossing departmental boundaries.

Faculty Teaching Positions

University faculty teaching positions for PhD level job seekers are not always the easiest, but one of the best ways for such candidates to work their way up in the academe. Many universities now prefer to hire young, energetic PhD graduates to teach undergraduate and graduate students.

Think Tank

One place PhD job seekers can find jobs is at a think tank. Think tanks usually research government, private, or overseas entities. Some of the duties involved with this position include managing the think tank’s operations, conducting research on behalf of clients, and helping clients communicate information to targeted audiences. A PhD, in this case, is a must.

Who hires the most PhDs, and what do they do there?

Many organizations have started hiring PhDs as they provide a great deal of knowledge and experience. Many organizations hire PhDs because they want employees with a lot of knowledge and experience who can provide insight into how an organization works.

PhDs are hired for their expertise to solve complex problems that no one else has been able to figure out. They can take a project from start to finish, which other employees cannot do because of lack of necessary education level and knowledge in the field.

Universities and Colleges

Some Universities and Colleges are hiring PhDs to teach their students. PhDs are currently working as professors. A small number of these institutions have long-standing policies requiring a Ph.D. degree. In contrast, other schools require a Ph.D. to be appointed as an assistant professor before becoming a full professor with tenure.

The hiring of PhDs to teach at Universities and Colleges is due to their advanced knowledge in scholarly research. This is not surprising since they have been trained extensively in the field of study associated with their degree.

Pharmaceutical Companies

Pharmaceutical companies are keen on hiring the PhDs because they tend to be knowledgeable about drugs and can help to increase the production and distribution of drugs. They are also skilled in handling and operating lab equipment.

STEM Companies

Many STEM companies have started to hire PhD’s. Within the last few years, there has been a push to hire PhD’s in many STEM industries.

For example, a biotech company may need a PhD with experience in cancer research. In this case, they would be looking for graduate work related to cancer and experience working with live subjects testing new drugs and treatments.

A PhD with a background in robotics will have much more experience in building, programming, and testing new robots. This person would also likely understand the complicated components within a robot, which makes them the ideal candidate.

Any PhD will be in high demand if they major in STEM-focused fields such as engineering or computer sciences. Computer science PhDs specifically are highly sought after and can often make more money than counterparts who only have a master’s degree.


The government has been hiring PhDs to fill in positions. The government hires PhDs for a variety of reasons. For one, the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects employment in all sciences to grow by 12% through 2022. Many federal agencies are also looking to employ technicians or lab personnel with a PhD. Agencies like the National Institutes of Health (NIH) also offer career-track positions requiring a PhD.


Since museums are places where people go to see art, the museum needs to have someone onsite to talk about the works in detail. This is something that could be difficult for someone without a PhD.

Someone with a PhD would also use the knowledge they have gained from their research and translate that into something meaningful for museum-goers.

Tips for Hiring PhD Job Seekers and Talents

  • Tip one: post your hiring information to as many academic job sites and social media platforms as possible.
  • Tip two: reach out to the people who work in university recruitment departments at other universities you are interested in. Ask them if they could share their staffing needs with you and then use their contacts to find qualified candidates for your position
  • Tip three: offer various incentives, such as tuition remission for spouses or children, for international workers to come work at your university.
  • Tip four: get a head start on the competition by looking into who has recently been hired and contacting their former supervisors or managers to ask them if they know of anyone else seeking employment.
  • Tip five: attend conferences in your field, network with other academics from different universities, then ask them who they know that might be interested in the position you want to fill.

Best Job Boards for PhD Jobs and Research Jobs

If you have a PhD degree and you want to utilize your education and look for jobs that require Ph.D. qualifications, the best way is to check out job boards that focus on research and development jobs that require some PhD-level educations.

In this section, here is a list of niche job boards for Research & PhD Jobs:

1. PhD Job & Research Job Board review

The Ph.D. Job & Research Job Board Site at starts as a higher education job board, but they have become very popular with private and government who want to compete for Ph.D. educated talent. In 2018, they have pivoted and expanded to

Final Thoughts

Recruiting for PhD-level talent can be a challenge. You should make sure you post in the right places, advertise your position on social media sites, and network with colleagues at other universities. The more time you put in, the higher chance you have of finding that perfect candidate for your university’s faculty!

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