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Smart Shoe Helps Blind, Visually Impaired People With Its Ultrasonic Sensors That Avoid Obstacles

Remains of more than 200 Indigenous children found at Indigenous school in Canada. Racial discrimination still rife in UK businesses.

Diversity & Inclusion news: Canada – Indigenous

Remains of more than 200 children found at Indigenous school in Canada

215 children’s remains have been discovered at one of what was once Canada’s largest Indigenous residential schools in British Columbia, Canada. This was never documented. For more than 170 years, more than 150,000 First Nations children were forced to separate from their families to be put in residential schools, in programs to assimilate them into Canadian society. Here is what residential school survivors say about their experiences and the lasting impact on their lives.

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Diversity & Inclusion news: Austria – People with Disabilities

$3,840 Smart Shoe Helps Blind, Visually Impaired People With Its Ultrasonic Sensors That Avoid Obstacles

Austrian scientists have invented smart shoes called InnoMake to help elderly, blind and visually impaired people avoid obstacles. These smart shoes have ultrasonic sensors at the tip which send vibrations or make noises when obstacles are detected up to 13 feet (4 meters) in front of a person.

Here is the Complete Guide to Disabilities: Types of Disability list, the latest disability statistics, benefits, and how to create/promote diverse and inclusive workplace, classroom, and society.

Diversity & Inclusion news: USA – BIPOC and Women

‘Woman In Motion’ Showcases The Trailblazing Star Who Brought Diversity To Outer Space

To all the Star Trek fans out there! On June 3rd, a documentary will debut on Paramount+ – Woman in Motion: Nichelle Nichols, Star Trek and the Remaking of NASA. The 400-page report that Nichols wrote for NASA and her outreach tours have brought the most diverse group of scientists, engineers and astronauts (over 8000) in NASA’s history, and set the visionary foundation for the program.

Diversity & Inclusion news: World – Vaccine Equity

It has been over one year since the world pandemic started sweeping across the globe. The World Health Organization (WHO) made a call for action to countries to collectively fight the pandemic, lack of supply and inequitable distribution of vaccines in order to see light for global recovery. #VaccinEquity #COVAX

Diversity & Inclusion news: UK – Racial Discrimination in Workplace

Racial discrimination still rife in UK businesses, study finds

According to ‘The Equity Effect’ report by Henley Business School, businesses that actively implement measures to confront racism and inequity can see improvement in revenue, employee job satisfaction, creativity and loyalty – all creating values for the businesses. However, some fundamental issues still exist when it comes to eliminating racism in the workplace. Yahoo Finance tells us more.

What is racial discrimination? What are the social and economic impacts of Racism culturally, socially, economically, and politically?

Diversity & Inclusion news: Australia – Inclusion in HR

LCBO director of talent: ‘This year is all about inclusion’

With more vaccines become available, some parts of the world are beginning to start planning for “post-pandemic”. LCBO Director of Talent Management, Siobhan Calderbank, shares with us some of her 2021 predictions for the future of HR.

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