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How to Improve Company Branding with Diversity & Inclusion?

The attributes of your organization branding define the culture, perspective, and also attract new recruits and talent of similar attributes. Unless you have pre-select your customer segments, or may I say pre-exclude your customer segment in your business, I bet you would want to do business with a diverse group of customers.

As our motto, “Diversity and Inclusion is a Competitive Advantage.” We wholeheartedly believe that being diverse and inclusive will only bring good things to any responsible companies with social impacts in mind.

Action and Communications – Diversity Policy

First of all, take concrete actions to start the diversity and inclusion journey. That includes creating and establishing policies to support all types of diversity. Also establishing employee support groups that are led by diverse members of the organization.

Acknowledge Opportunities and Mistakes

Proactive listening as a leader, and address any crisis such as racism or discrimination issues – Work together with your Human Resources, Equity Office, and Senior leaders to review and listen to feedback crom your employees. Whether they are complaints, mistakes, or suggestions, the best thing a responsible inclusive company do is to own the mistakes.

Partner with your Employee with Trust

Companies are built with employees, happy employees bring happier employers. Trust your team with the best intention to help you to improve. Encourage them to share suggestions and experience with you. Celebrate success and provide channels for them to share.

Show, don’t tell 

Use Digital communications and channels to promote your diversity success. If you have success in improving the cultural diversity in your organization, promote it and show pictures in your company communications. If you are improving employee mix with indigenous hires, celebrate it and provide them with opportunities to promote their culture.

If your organization participates in the Pride Parade, ask the participants to share pictures and promote them on your digital channels.

Share and Improve together

As a growing organization, the company learns and obtains more education on social impact, it is a good idea to share the learning so others in the organization can grow together.

Stay Updated and Trained

To the point above, your organization should stay updated, relevant, and properly trained on the latest development and techniques in Diversity and Inclusion. Remember, awareness and skills needed to be updated.

How to Build Brands with Diversity?

  • Action and Communications – Diversity Policy
  • Acknowledge Opportunities and Mistakes
  • Partner with your Employee with Trust
  • Show, don’t tell 
  • Share and Improve together
  • Stay Updated and Trained
  • More on Diversity.Social
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