What is Group Volunteering and Examples?

In this guide, you will learn about everything about volunteering for groups such as corporation, kids, teens, friends.The Complete Guide to Group Volunteering

What is Group Volunteering?

Group Volunteering is activities carried out by one or more people with a common charitable goal. The group of people can be a group of friends, family, colleagues or a mix of any of the above.

Group volunteering can be one time, or a project to accomplish one or more goals with a set timeframe, or ongoing commitments.

It is becoming more and more popular that large corporation to look for group volunteering opportunities as team building activities.

Group volunteering involves engaging in a volunteer activity as a group, whether with friends, family, colleagues or acquaintances. Group volunteering can involve a specific project with a set timeframe, or it may involve an ongoing commitment shared by a group of volunteers. Group volunteering can provide support and services in a community in a short timeframe, as it involves many people working together instead of individual volunteers involved in independent tasks. Some people prefer to carry out volunteer work accompanied by their family members, to enjoy
more time together as a family. Other group volunteers are work colleagues who, after a day’s work, decide to donate some time to strengthen their relationships or to socialize outside work hours. On other occasions, a group of friends may wish to volunteer once a year to enjoy a pleasant moment together, to feel that they are useful to their community without feeling obligated to volunteer for a specific period of time.

Some companies have corporate volunteer programs. At least once a year, the company allows employees to act as volunteers within work hours. This practice is being adopted by more and more businesses. It benefits a company’s corporate image, contributes to employee and customer satisfaction and provides the company with fiscal advantages.

The final objective is to assist those in need and to contribute to the welfare of the community

Benefits for Group Volunteer

Giving is better than receiving. There are many reasons in donating and giving. And there are also many advantages in volunteering as well.

Hands on charitable experiences

Group Volunteering Opportunities examples

There are many group volunteering activities

  • Visiting senior houses to cheer up seniors
  • sorting items from a food or clothing bank
  • cleaning or painting items, several walls, or an entire facility
  • an environmental project such as: cleaning a beach, a field, a riverbank, or an alley, or Earth Day projects
  • helping to run a festival or walk-a-thon
  • cooking or serving meas and cleaning up afterwards in a shelter, a senior residence, or a house charity for children or families
  • cooking or delivering hot meals to clients needing support services
  • putting together packets or mailings
  • gardening (pulling weeds, planting, etc.)
  • organizing an activity for seniors or children
  • preparing baskets for adolescent mothers
  • teaching computer skills to seniors or children
  • wrapping gifts for children for the holidays
  • preparing Christmas baskets

Types of Group Volunteers

There could be different combinations of group volunteer types, some of the most common ones are:

  • classmates from high-school, universities, colleges
  • co-worker and colleagues from corporation as team building activities
  • Kids, Teenagers from
  • Religious fellowships
  • Family
  • Group of friends

Where to volunteer?

You can organize group volunteering activities at many locations, here are some examples:

  • Climate change charities (beaches, wild life)
  • senior homes
  • Orphanages
  • Food Banks
  • Community house (homelessness, poverty)
  • Churches
  • gardening
  • assisting seniors
  • skill-based activities (tax, hair cut)

Where to find volunteer opportunities near me?

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