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How to Select & Pick a Live Edge Solid Wood Furniture? (Eco Green Sustainable Living Series)

Live wood edge is simply the patterns and designs inside the bark of a tree which can be seen once it is cut into pieces.

Environmentally Sustainable living includes minimizing our environmental resources as well as prolonging the resources that we use. By bestowing uncountable blessings, nature has been kind to the human race. Be it the fallen fruits from the trees or the fast, flowing river water, humans have always found ways of taking advantage of what nature has blessed them with. With a mind that aces all the levels of intelligence, people today have searched for new ways of benefiting from what is around them, especially from trees that have been around for decades, making lives better.

Standing strong, it takes years for a tree to grow big, spread its roots underneath the sand and form leaves that protect each one that sits under it. There is no better artist than nature, who has filled the world with beautiful colors and patterns that simply boggles a human mind, but because God has put in efforts to create humans embedded with massive brains and intelligence too, people have learned to benefit from the craftsmanship around them and make something even more wonderful out of it.

What is Live Edge Wood Furniture?

To make it easy to understand, live wood edge is simply the patterns and designs inside the bark of a tree which can be seen once it is cut into pieces. Those who have ever lumbered down an old tree trunk would have observed beautiful patterns inside which are now being used into creating furniture that is not only closer to nature but uber beautiful.

Giving nature’s artistry a new turn, unraveling decade old stories to be heard, it takes efforts and skills to put together live edge wood furniture and hold the natural beauty into place. From tables to home décor, the live edge furniture can easily be customized to one’s taste with a variety of patterns to choose from so those who are looking for something chic and modern yet natural can call furniture showrooms that specialize in live edge wood furniture to place order for their favorite piece.

Nos Natura Live Edge Furniture Toronto

The hard work behind making Live Edge Wood Furniture

Finding the right piece of wood can be time consuming. Cutting down a tree carefully and converting it into a master piece requires great patience and effort. Using various techniques, the best piece of live edge wood is chosen to dry first as to clear the wood of all the moisture which may ruin the furniture in the future. Once done with the drying process, an experienced craftsman stands up and takes charge into creating pieces of one’s choice which may include an extremely beautiful coffee table or a frame for the wall. A series of amazing patterns that speak high of individuality, live edge wood furniture is easily customizable to suit the needs of every client in the best ways possible.

How to pick the right Live Edge Wood Furniture?

There are millions of people walking on the surface of the earth in the present and each one of them has a distinctive choice, a taste that is different from others. Nature has always been a step forward and to match the choices of these millions around, it has introduced patterns that are unique in their own ways. A trunk may seem dull and useless from the outside, but once cut down, the jewels inside bedazzles the human mind and forces them to explore the artist in them.

Those looking to upgrade the interiors of their house with something natural yet unique then live edge wood furniture is definitely the right choice for them. One can visit the furniture showrooms that have learned the art of creating splendid master pieces. Slabs with unmatched patterns, customers can easily choose from the different designs of knots, tones and curves to be created into one’s favorite table or home décor. There is no “right choice” but every choice that an individual makes for themselves is made into a perfect one by the experts.

Nos Natura Live Edge Furniture

How to select the best Live Edge Wood Furniture?

The choices of people reflect their personalities and home is definitely a true glance of who a person really easy. It is important to fill one’s house with not only the things they love but that are welcoming and fabulous. The right furniture and decorative items can enhance the allure of your personal space, making it stylish yet comfortable, so the choices you make does have a huge impact on the overall look of the house.

Those who love nature, having live edge wood furniture in the house are the best way to keep close to the wilderness. You can easily visit furniture companies that specialize in making tables and pieces out of live edge wood and get a table made of your favorite pattern. Have it created in rustic style or add a touch of chic and modernity, the furniture you choose will definitely be your best choice.

Taking care of Live Edge Wood Furniture

Decorating the house and choosing the right furniture is not as difficult as taking care of t. to keep your live edge wood furniture usable and best of conditions, it is important to always keep it clean. With all the smoke and pollution out there, if not cleaned every day, the dust may accumulate on the fancy, artistic pieces and ruin it completely so it is the owner’s utmost duty to clean off the dust it daily. And even better is to get your furniture polished every year by the experts to maintain the shine and splendor, and of course save it from getting destroyed before the time runs out.

Conclusion in choosing Live Edge Wood Furniture 

Creating something unique out of the usual and keeping nature’s beauty intact, live edge wood furniture is a true example of simplicity and perfection. Live edge furniture not only makes your home comfy, bring nature to your home-loving home, it also helps us to sustain our planet. There are no fancy paints or carvings; the natural aesthetics of the live edge wood is what makes the furniture exquisite and amazing. From furniture to home décor, it can easily be styled into an item of your choice that beautifies the interiors making your home stylish and unique from the others.

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