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Action plan to increase socioeconomic diversity in the Civil Service in the UK

US Sustainable Winegrowing Summit: How To Explain Sustainability To Consumers? Ontario government faces charter challenge over equity in its COVID-19 vaccine rollout

Diversity & Inclusion news: UK – Hiring & Promotion

Action plan to increase socio-economic diversity in the Civil Service

Research shows that civil servants from disadvantaged backgrounds have a harder time getting promoted in the Civil Service than those from privileged backgrounds. The UK government is now taking action to improve career progression for underrepresented groups in hopes to become a role model for other employers in the country to follow. Lack of career progression opportunities and support for the underrepresented groups is not only an ongoing matter in the UK but also around the globe. Forbes says Minority Women Really Are Least Likely To Be Promoted In Corporate America.

Today’s Social Impact Jobs for Diversity and Environmental Sustainability

Diversity & Inclusion news: Canada – COVID

Ontario government faces charter challenge over equity in its COVID-19 vaccine rollout

As countries are racing with time to roll out their COVID vaccination programs, have Equity, Inclusion and Accommodation been considered in the planning and implementation? Are the mass vaccination programs, booking systems, communications and staff providing the accommodations needed by overlooked groups such as homebound seniors, people with disabilities, and those who aren’t fluent in English/French or digital literate?

Diversity & Inclusion news: Australia – Business

‘Where are you from?’ isn’t the best way to understand Australia’s cultural diversity

What is Cultural Diversity? Businesses and organizations that are not yet strategically understanding and leveraging Cultural Diversity to enhance profitability and performance are missing out on opportunities as “the Australian ‘multicultural market’ has an estimated purchasing power of over AUD$75 billion per year.” Learn more from the University of Sydney.

Diversity & Inclusion news: USA – Metrics

To Make Real Progress on D&I, Move Past Vanity Metrics

D&I is more than checking the box. To make real progress, organizations must use data to identify gaps, assess experiences, measure progress, and take actions to make changes. Harvard Business Review tells us more.

Sustainability news in the United States

US Sustainable Winegrowing Summit: How To Explain Sustainability To Consumers?

What is Social Sustainability? And why is sustainability important?

Sustainability is actually a massive success in the US wine industry…80% of California’s total wine production and 32% of California wine grape acreage have the label ‘Certified California Sustainable Winegrowing’…71 % of US wine drinkers would consider buying sustainably produced wines in the future. Nine out of ten millennials are willing to pay more for a sustainable wine.” Forbes explains more.

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