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Asian Hate & Anti-Asian Racism: Why it needs to stop?

Asian Hate Around the World, and what do you need to know?

Anti-Asian Racism & Hate Crimes are on the Rise

It is important for us to realize and recognize that racism is not only targeted at our Black community. Racism is also targeted at other visible minorities, such as Asians, and other people of colour.

It is encouraging that we are seeing more and more effort and determination put into addressing Anti-Black Racism. As an employer or a member of the community, have we devoted the same amount of attention, support and commitment to address racism targeting other minority groups?

Check out this video: How millennial Nobel Prize nominee Amanda Nguyen’s viral video sparked coverage of anti-Asian racism

CNBC Make It

Asian Hate in the US

Asian Hate Racism in Canada

  • Historical timeline of Anti-Asian racism in Canada from the late 1800s to mid 1900s.
  • According to CTV news, “Canada has a higher number of reported anti-Asian hate crime incidents per Asian capita compared to the U.S., according to Project 1907, with Toronto showing the second-highest rate of cases involving anti-Asian hate crimes among major cities, following Vancouver.”
  • Horgan ‘deeply’ troubled by 717% increase in anti-Asian hate crimes in Vancouver. The B.C. government is planning on bringing forward anti-racism legislation this year.
  • FIGHT COVID-19 RACISM is a platform (funded by the Government of Canada) that allows individuals to share their experiences of Anti-Asian racism during COVID-19. You can also find supportive resources here.

Asian Hate in the UK

Anti-Asian Racism in Australia

  • More than 8 in 10 Asian Australians report discrimination during coronavirus pandemic
  • Discrimination commissioner says the rise in racism against Asian Australians, Muslims and others is ‘significant’ threat to society and economy

The Model Minority Myth

Anti-Asian Racism and Mental Health

Anti-Asian racism is a Mental Health Crisis and it’s finally time for workplaces to change It. Forbes tells us how. Tips for Leaders, HR and DEI experts.

What can you do about Anti-Asian Racism?


Nobody wants to experience or witness racism and hate.

Here are some points to consider (from Stop AAPI Hate):

  • Be sensitive to your surrounding. Trust your instinct. If you don’t feel safe, leave the place.
  • Stay calm. Limit your eye contact. Keep your verbal and body language neutral.
  • Establish distance and physical boundaries. Denounce their behaviour and comments.
  • Ask for help. You are not alone.
  • Get emotional support. Speak with someone you trust. Consider crisis helpline in your community or Employee Family Assistance Program (EFAP) offered at work.

Acknowledge and Raise Awareness to Anti-Asian Racism

Educate ourselves on the history of Anti-Asian Racism, discrimination, stereotypes and bias.

Show Your Support

  • Be there for your friend, family, colleague, neighbour or that someone who you don’t know but needs support.
  • Support Asian and people of colour’s businesses.
  • Make donations to support the cause to fight racism.

In the Workplace

As a socially responsible employer, you probably have started work on Anti-Black racism and a Diversity Statement to promote diversity in the workplace. The Black community is not the only group facing racism and barriers. Other visible minorities and people of colour are also facing similar challenges in their everyday life and work.

As the employer and leader, have you devoted the same amount of consideration, support, effort and commitment to address racism targeting Asians and people of colour?

Everyone deserves the same opportunity to grow and succeed. Are you giving everyone the same opportunity and access to jobs?

What can be done in the workplace to promote inclusiveness and embrace diversity?

Here are some quotes about racial equality.

Let’s break the barriers. Here are some benefits of diversity in the workplace. and more if you want bookmark to get familiar with DEI:

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