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Tokyo Olympics 2020/2021 in Japan and Diversity

#STOPASIANHATE in Canada. Sports & Engineering in the UK

Diversity & Inclusion News: #STOPASIANHATE in Canada

‘A historic surge’: Anti-Asian American hate incidents continue to skyrocket despite public awareness campaigns in the US. Forbes reports Anti-Asian hate crimes may be far worse in Canada. A #StopAsianHate movement has started in Canada – the Asian Gold Ribbon campaign. Celebrate Asian Gold Ribbon Day this Thursday, May 20th to show your support to your Asian friends, colleagues, families, neighbours and communities. Many companies, local governments, organizations and universities, etc. have made their statement – that we stand in solidarity against Anti-Asian racism. Have you?

Black Lives Matter. Asian Lives Matter. All Lives Matter.

Tokyo Olympics 2020/2021 in Japan and Diversity

While we are debating over whether the Tokyo Olympics will take place as scheduled (only two months away – starting on July 23), did you know that Diversity & Inclusion is taking the centre of the stage? The tagline “Know Differences, Show Differences” tells us that the Game is committed to incorporate D&I into every aspect of the planning and operations. They are implementing D&I activities such as Diversity & Inclusion assistance training, lower shopping counters and awareness workshops, etc.

DEI in UK: Sports & Engineering in the UK

More and more companies are taking social responsibility actions to promote diversity & inclusion in their realm of expertise. Mercedes F1 team announced a new partnership with the Association for Black and Minority Ethnic Engineers UK (AFBE-UK) to help increase accessibility to careers in engineering. What programs do you have in place to increase representation and promote opportunities for equity-seeking groups?

Diversity & Inclusion Workplaces in Australia

A study done by Indeed shows that more than half of the Australian workers hide their true selves from their colleagues at work. There is a profound disconnection between the perceived and lived experiences of cultural or ethnic minority groups.

Diversity & Inclusion News: Opportunity for Education in the USA

While it is Asian Heritage Month in Canada, it is Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month in the US. To change our world, education is key. “Children can start to internalize race and gender stereotypes as early as 4 years old”, says Dr. Christia Brown, Developmental Psychology professor at the University of Kentucky.

Advertising of Brands in Latin America

Latin America is one of the world’s most racially diverse places. Business Insider explains how Brands in Latin America strive for more diversity in their advertising.

Today’s Social Impact Jobs for Diversity and Environmental Sustainability

Diversity and Inclusion Press Release Amplification Service

Our Diversity and Inclusion Press Release Amplification Service will distribute and amplify your press releases or diversity celebrations with 50,000+ diversity-valued stakeholders around the world. 70% in the United States, 15% in the UK, and 10% in Canada, and 5% in Australia.


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