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Thought Leadership to Diversity Transformation

Diversity is not just something that’s on a sheet of paper. It’s not just a policy. You feel it when you are in that space. That’s what inclusion is about.

Diversity & Inclusion – Thought Leadership to Transformation

Engineering firm hires Sadaf Parvaiz to embed D&I in company’s strategic goals

GHD is an engineering firm with more than 200 offices on five continents and about 10,000 employees. The company has hired its first-ever global enterprise inclusion and diversity leader. Here’s why DEI is crucial to an organization’s strategic goals.

Credits: Yahoo Finance – In the Know

PwC subject matter experts talk about the importance of D&I transparency, the challenges many organizations are facing and steps they can take to counter these hurdles.

Here are some workplace quotes to promote Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace.

DEI meaning explained.

New York Times Calls for Workplace Changes in Diversity Report

Report: “This is true across many types of difference: race, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, socioeconomic background, ideological viewpoints and more. But it is particularly true for people of color, many of whom described unsettling and sometimes painful day-to-day workplace experiences.” Executives at New York Times is committed to taking action to change the company’s workplace culture.

What is Diversity Recruiting? Internalized Racism definition

BBC Announces Plans To Be The Benchmark In Workplace Diversity And Inclusion

“We must – from top to bottom – represent the audiences we serve. We have made some big improvements, but we want and need to go further.” See BBC’s 2021-2023 diversity and inclusion plan.

Grass roots definition – How do Grass Roots Organizations Work? What and Why is it Important?

Why is diversity important? How can you break the barriers? What is prejudice? What are social barriers? What are some cultural diversity examples?

University – Dawn D. Bennett-Alexander Inclusive Community Award will honor faculty who promote a more inclusive UGA

The Diversity & Inclusion movement is not only happening in business but also in the education sector.

The work of Dawn D. Bennett-Alexander’s life is being honored with the creation of an award that will recognize faculty who promote a more diverse and inclusive community at the University of Georgia.

“[Diversity] is not just something that’s on a sheet of paper. It’s not just a policy. You feel it when you are in that space. That’s what inclusion is about. That’s what belonging is about,” said Bennett-Alexander. “If diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging is actualized, a person truly feels it rather than it just being a policy pronounced from the top. I work for that every day.”

How much do you miss travelling?

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Would there be something you can do in your industry or organization to spark inspiration in our youth in the underrepresented groups (Indigenous, Women, People with Disabilities & Visible Minorities)?

Would you be the leader to help make lasting and revolutionary changes in our society from the ground up through generations? Let our youth know there are many careers and ways that they can thrive in. Turn dreams into reality.

Be the Leader to Transform Lives.

Indigenous definition

What is accommodation?

Diversity & Cultural Celebrations This Week

There is so much to celebrate in the month of April!

  • Arab-American Heritage Month
  • Tartan (Scottish-American) Heritage Month
  • Autism Awareness Month
  • National Volunteer Month
  • Celebrate Diversity Month
  • National Child Abuse Prevention Month
  • Earth Month

Why is Diversity important in the workplace?

Foster Diversity, Equity & Inclusion through learning & celebrations.

Diversity and Inclusion Press Release Amplification Service

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